Give us your feedback.

We’d like to hear your comments and suggestions about how we can improve  You can also review the comments for help in making the most of UNTHINK.  To post a comment or suggestion or to review the discussions, please click on the “Comments” link below.

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553 Responses to Give us your feedback.

  1. UNTHINK says:

    We’re alive and loving it!

    • Okay, so after you get through the initial phase – how do you invite friends and how do you use the emancipation suitecase? It is as if they are not available after you get in (and they wouldn’t work while I was signing up).

      • I figured out how to invite others. Now I need to know how to get back to the suitcase so I can import everything from Facebook. It didn’t work before. Help?

      • I can’t figure out how to invite, but the emancipation suitcase is in the photo album section. I had to use F11 to go to full screen to find it. Works well, but albums are hard to navigate.

      • For future reference, when you figure out how to do something others may have a problem doing, please respond to your original post with a brief description of how and where you found your solutions. This will prevent any unnecessary reposts of the same question. For example, I could not figure out how to invite people, however, now that the site is down, I cannot go back to play around, but I will want this information when the site returns. A brief description will allow other users to find such information as they go along the blog. Thank you for your consideration.

      • Here’s how to invite friends. Just click on the “Friends” tab in the Social window, then click the “Invite by Email” tab. Put in up to 20 e-mail adresses seperated by commas and voilá, your friends will be sent an e-mail with invite code.

      • Daniel Frederick Schanze says:

        I am just having a general hard time with the entire ergonomics of the site. You shouldn’t need a forum to navigate the site, add friends, search for people in your area, and etc. I love the idea, but this site needs to be ALOT more user friendly.

    • Unthinker says:

      Make it easier to find the “emancipation suitcase”. If not selected during the initial set-up, it is impossible to find afterwards

    • Frank Coon says:

      Either the site is extremely busy or there are some unresolved issues. It took me almost 2 hours to complete my registration even with an Invite Code and now I can not get the site to allow me to set my privacy settings for the different categories.

      • First Time User says:

        it took me 10 seconds… and the facebook downloads wasn’t too long either…. there must have been a lot of ppl on their servers because I noticed that the pages took a while to switch.

    • UNTHINK is over capacity. Please try again later.!! Come on Unthink!! Think of a fix!!

    • Tanya says:

      I may be having a thickie attack. I made the mistake of subscribing to the thread on a per post basis and, like a few others I guess, got inundated. I realised what I had done and have changed it to give me only a daily update, i thought .. but that doesn.t seem to have “taken”. Although I have been back to the subscription settings and it does now say daily.

      • Anita says:

        Yes, Tanya… It is true that the subscription settings are not working, and this is unusual for wordpress. I have also tried to get daily, and it continues to send “immediate” posts. The only way out is to just unsubscribe/unfollow. I didn’t want to do that, but since the settings aren’t working, there is no other choice.

      • Anita says:

        Hopefully, just deleting this thread, from the “comments” tab under Manage Subscriptions, will do the trick; instead of having to actually unfollow under “Sites”. We’ll see!

      • Tanya says:

        Well setting it to once a day didn’t work, and as I didn’t want my email blocked up, I’ve just ended up unsubscribing from it. For anyone else having this problem, and not being able to find where to unsubscribe (it really should also have an “unfollow” option, as well as the multiple “follow” options), there is a link on any of the emails you get:

        “Want less email? Change your email settings at …”

        Near the bottom of the email. I seemed to be subscribed both to the site and to the individual post, so have removed myself from both. In theory.

      • Robert says:

        Filter your email to send it to a filter, read when you want

    • djmattyg007 says:

      The site isn’t netbook-friendly at all.

      • Joelle says:

        Yeah, when you have a tiny screen it is very difficult, because it is crowded. I almost feel claustrophobic viewing it. I hope they change that and make it more small-screen friendly.

      • Agreed, on this screen (1366×768) I get just 400px of “content” out of the 570px available due to the fixed top/bottom bars, makes it quite painful to use.

    • Judy Ann says:

      Overall I like the layout and the concept. I like the tree concept. Needs work though.

      I did not send friend request at initial set up because I will not invite people to something that I haven’t checked out myself: under Friends there is no tab to send email requests. Please FIX.

      Cannot upload media from Facebook. I tried during registration but only got a white pop-up box. When clicking on the emancipation box, it does nothing whether in normal or full screen mode (though the view used shouldn’t make a difference). I’ve also tried on my profile page AND on the opened media page. Please FIX.

      Make the option to view pictures in larger format as well as create profile pictures from albums already created.

      Remove KATE and create a HELP tab instead. It is ANNOYING, ANNOYING, ANNOYING!!! Have help in ONE spot not scattered throughout the site.

      What is the purpose for the League, Innovation, and Green Index besides clutter and confusion?

      • Sly says:

        To upload your Facebook media, follow these steps:

        – On your Left hand side you’ll find a box called “Media”, make sure you’re in the “Gallery” tab

        – Then you need to get to the “Album” section (I already have medias in there so I don’t know if you see a link that says something like “see all” or “see all albums”… if so, click on it and you’ll be taken to another page that’s called “Media”…

        – On the right hand side there’s a menu (where you’ll find 2 main sections: Album and Media), under Media choose the option “Upload Media”

        – Then a page appears where you have 3 uptions:
        – Upload media
        – Add more media to an existing album
        – Import media from Facebook

        Chose the last one, click ok.
        A new window will open (pop-up window). Log in Facebook and allow access to your Facebook media. Then chose what you want to import to your Unthink accound and press the button to upload the media.
        When that’s done, you’ll see a message to close the window and it will say that when all media will be uploaded to your Unthink account, you’ll receive an email about it
        (Note: I haven’t received any email telling me that all my media has been uploaded and I know other people also didn’t received that famous email)

        You asked “What is the purpose for the League, Innovation, and Green Index besides clutter and confusion?”

        In the Social profile it’s to identify the type of person you are… It will probably prove to be useful if your privacy settings allow others to find you in the Unthinker Search (search for Unthink members). You’ll probably find easier to find people that have the same type of interests as you…

        For the Lifestyle profile, it’s to help “target” the market for potential clients (that’s what I assume here coz it’s only logical that they’d want to know how much you love to shop, how much money you have at your disposal to shop and also to see which type of shopper you are.

        In the Professional profile, it’s to see which kind of worker you are… it allows people to network more easily. it can be a great tool to identify potential employees or employers or even people that you might want to do business with if you’re an entrepreneur or if they are one (or the both of you are)… It’s all about business and networking…

        Hope this helps a bit 🙂

      • Judy Ann says:

        Thanks Sly. I never got that infamous email either, nor will it “emancipate” my videos from FB no matter how many times I click on it to do so, but I do get that pop-up saying I will be emailed when it is complete. Pffffft.

        I’m a skeptic and at this point this Unthink is NOT user friendly. I mean I’m pretty good at figuring out sites and software without reading the manual, but Unthink REALLY needs to post a working Help function and NOT with stupid 10 minute long videos that blab to the world (us) how great Unthink is.

        Because at this point, it ISN’T.

    • James Shefchik says:

      Your canned zip codes exclude Military Overseas codes, forcing me to put in a Zip code where I don’t live, causing my profile to show up in a community that is not mine.

      FPO is a City. AE is a state (for postal purposes).

    • James Shefchik says:

      Thanks for trying something new.

      Any chance we can customize our primary indicators? A prominent characteristic is a “Green Index”, which is either a global warming fanatic or a person who does what everyone else does. I am a leader in conservation, organics and clean earth, but I am not convinced by the so-called science of man-made global warming. It appears primarily a solar phenomenon. I can’t fit in your can, so it will remain blank.

    • Jim says:

      Regarding your “We’re alive and loving it!
      Alive is good!
      I am a “vintage” but very youthful software developer who is very pleased to see the light come in the window in the morning.

      I just signed up, and am exploring the site. The construction looks good, the controls seem to work. I would like to see a “Dashboard” of controls. I really don’t mind advertising since it is necessary to monetize your site.

      The site privacy controls are appealing. It is good to be able to opt out of providing certain info if you wish. This is the focus of the site, and is a good idea.

      Keep up the good work!

    • Chris Pearson says:

      How do I transfer contacts? when I went to tranfer my yahoo or hotmail contacts it showed that I had no contacts. What do I do?

    • Judy Ann says:

      I noticed you have a HELP tab: pretty much useless in terms of helping me navigate the site. To me that defeats the purpose of “help”. The pretty videos don’t do anything but advertise the site (cheesey), so the only option left is to fill out a lengthy form. There should be a search option/index with descriptions of what things do. It’s pretty bad that I had to scroll through this blog to find out how to transfer my media from Facebook. It is NOT straight forward.

      It transferred the media alright, but you HAVE to do something about the format!! Seriously. I have to scroll through ALL my albums to find the one I want?! Make it on a page/listed format. Even when in the “Comment Format”, I still have to scroll through them. FB surpasses Unthink on that one by a LONG SHOT. This aspect is NOT user friendly at all. Also remove the Public Media, Social Media, Professional Media, and Emancipation Suitcase completely from my albums and put them somewhere else, especially since clicking on them does absolutely nothing! Also, with this album format, at least let the albums loop so I don’t have to scroll all the way back to the beginning for an album.


      • msremmell says:

        Hear hear! The “Help” button is useless to me and I still can’t find where to access Media files or where to migrate Facebook media. I’ve tried f11 and I can’t see it on the screen anywhere and I’m beginning to think I’m learning disabled.

      • Mazie says:

        I agree..the HELP button should be user-friendly and have
        a index to navigate you on what you need, which it does
        not…definitely needs improvement!!!!

    • ThirstyJon says:

      Why only 20 invites??

      • It’s still in BETA. If you invite all 600 of your friends, and I invite all 600 of my friends, and this guy over here invites 600 of his friends, then they have to have the servers to accommodate all those people. In time, that number of “20” will likely disappear, but for now, it’s a limited release. Patience.

    • Chris says:

      Hello, I signed up for the Unthink ‘notice’ with a backup email address I use for spam. I received my official invite and have setup my account now but it was tied to my back up email address. How can I change my primary login to my primary email address?
      Thank you for your help.

      • Kevin Gainey says:

        go to your suite, click on account, middle left side upper you will be able to edit your email address there.

    • Jack says:

      Besides the slow response (understandable) it is difficult to navigate. A few pop up how to’s maybe.

    • Cyril Delencre says:

      Boost your servers guys, it will kill your biz…you need to get much faster servers…

      Cyril Delencre

    • Ashley says:

      Ok something that is really irritating me is that the layout is too wide so I can’t see the sign out link. Therefore once I log in I can’t sign myself out and it’s annoying! I can scroll over but the top wont scroll along with the rest of the page.

      • Sly says:

        Until they fix that issue, here’s what you can do to log out of your Unthink account:

        On the top left-hand side corner of your screen, you can see a small grey Unthink logo with a tiny arrow (pointing down) on its right. If you click on it, you’ll have a drop down menu. Chose “Home” and then you’ll be transferred (a new tab will open) to “Home” where you’ll see on the top right-hand side corner the “Log out” button.

        Hope this helps! 🙂

    • Lo says:

      Really dign the layout! For the love of God …don’t change anything! lol

    • Avniye Tansug says:

      Hi. Congratulations for the idea! I deeply wish UNTHINK great success…
      But I was highly dissapointed within my first 15 minutes after having been able to enter the site as a “member”:
      1. The site loads extremely slow (with Chrome)
      2. When first entering the site userID & pw never matched easily
      3. I couldn’t find my city (Istanbul) in the drop down list although the names of smaller districts were already listed
      4. “Register your city” buton didn’t work.

    • Andrew Bunn says:

      Your social profile Innovation Index and Green Index are ridiculous. It pigeon holes people worse than Facebook does with no option for individuality. I had high hopes for personalization of content and UnThink being a true enclave for those serious about individual and personal freedom. It appears UnThink is aiming towards a collectivist/socialist world-view in which people are expected to fall in line, the idea that people are not easily defined as part of specific groups is not even considered, and expression of nuance of opinion is squashed with the first field listed on a profile.

      • Judy Ann says:

        Hale to the Cookie Cutter people (sarcasm). I wish there was a way to disable that “feature”!! They should put an “Other” option for each category with a box to type our position or “choose not to disclose”

        Just to clarify: what you are describing is Communism, which is very different from Socialism. Communist dictators took SOME ideas from Marx and perhaps others socialists and made it work solely to their advantage at the expense of everyone else. As such, people mistake communism as socialism; however, there is a HUGE difference. In true socialist communities there is no heirarchy and no ONE person in control or with the final say. The entire group/community (both as individuals and as a group) make choices/decisions that will benefit the ENTIRE group/community. Socialism is an ideology and/or theory that is impossible to implement given human nature at this point in time is based on “one-upping” the other. As such, Capitalism, Dictatorship and discord is rife.

    • Judy Ann says:

      Unclutter the site!
      There are 2 boxes with a “Friends” tab, so when adding friends is confusing, especially when people say click the Friends tab. It should be listed under BOTH. Why not just have one box that lists it all? Isn’t that what the Social box is for?

      You guys should create a Facebook account and look at the layout and take notes for it’s simplicity and how uncluttered it is. On FB it’s the ADS that clutter it all up on UT it’s trying to have EVERYTHING on the page at once! FB has no duplications. This is why they have a home page and a profile page as separate pages.

      A thought: tabs with drop down menus are an amazing feature that make a page look sharp and hide things that don’t get used all the time. It would be nice to have a feature where users could customize their drop down tabs.

      The crop feature for profile pictures is TERRIBLE. It forces a square picture to become rectangular so cuts the sides off. What’s the point? Have a pixel limit, move the indicators to the Social box and dedicate space for a properly proportioned profile picture. I mean really.

    • ike says:

      Is there a way to search people in your geographical area? is there away to look at other profiles other than going through followers pages? I cant find any links to chat areas or groups interested in activities

    • Robert Hillman says:

      So far so good Unthink. However, is there a way to customize the colors of the page or the design/layout in any way? That is the one thing I miss from the old dinosaur Myspace, it was so colorful and wonderful, not to mention the music! Let’s keep it personal, let’s keep it creative!

    • Robert Hillman says:

      The iBelieve box is really interesting, however, I think it would be better if the users could post their own quotes or inspirational sayings in that spot as well. Perhaps you could even have people submit some to be ranked or scored by other Unthinkers and the most influential could become an option in the box itself. Just a thought outside of the box.

    • Robert Hillman says:

      I realize that the lifestyle tree is still being edited but I just was thinking that the tree design should also be customizable, not everyone wants a boring happy tree I think. Perhaps a palm, willow, redwood, the list goes on and on. Just give us some choices Unthink! We want individuality!

    • Ghassan Audi says:

      Quick Feedback . . I dont see that you have a complete list of coutries. For Example Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and other coutries are not listed in your drop down list.
      I assume that this is a technical problem . . .

    • gio says:

      Improvation about the city names at the signup process, better to write a code to search and import city names from wikipedia

    • Phil Helmers says:

      For starters, when I click on Feedback, I’d like to be taken to a page where I can actually give feedback, rather than searching the page to find my way there.
      But my first complaint is that when I look at one of my photos, I can’t make it a profile picture, and when I go to profile picture, I can’t search my photos for it, I have to upload it.

    • Tina says:

      I don’t understand the “emancipation” thing. Pointing the finger at Facebook for making the user to give up his privacy, while on Unthink the Network (city, country) is visible for anyone doesn’t really seem to “free the user from social dictatorship”.
      It would be nice to fix it up and let the user choose whether to make this information public or not because not all users want to disclose their location.

    • Ben says:

      The design of the front page / login screen is really nice; but it would be even nicer if the background photos were higher resolution. On a 1920×1080 display they look distorted. I understand this would be bandwidth intensive but maybe there is a more elegant solution?

    • Martin says:

      This sh*t is fu*king slow ! :))))

    • DSDAS says:

      we want to liseten music online, lot of music, and to have posibility to upload our music

  2. Blue Moon says:

    I just saw site. It looks awesome!

  3. Chad says:

    I inadvertently missed the click on the ‘export Facebook suitcase’ during the initial set up. How do I do that now that my suite is set up?

    • Kat says:

      You can do that through your Media gadget. Click on the ‘full view’ icon on the top and then in ‘Upload media’ option on the right. It’s the third one.

  4. Leo Soderman says:

    It might just be because a lot of invites went out, but it is running painfully slow for me. Page loads are agonizingly long right now.

  5. I’m not loving it. 45 minutes to sign up and it does nothing!

  6. Ash says:

    The entire sign-up-from-invite process and access to any page is crazy slow at the moment. Servers seem overloaded!

  7. John says:

    Thank you so much for the invite, from what I see so far, it looks really impressive, one thing though, its taken me almost 2 hours to register and get into unthink. Is there a problem with the servers?

  8. Maarten / Knooster says:

    I like the idea (although it’s not 100% clear), but the site is just sooo slow..

  9. Two hour in since I started. Still trying to set profile & privacy etc.

  10. Danielle Walker says:

    I’ll let you know once I can actually do something without waiting 10 minutes for the page to load……not a good first impression 😦

  11. M says:

    So you made a webapp that does the same thing every other site does except it looks like myspace.

  12. Mick says:

    Unthink is painfully slow. Currently writing an in depth review of the site, and so far it’s not looking good.

    I understand it’s still in BETA but considering the hype it created, I was expecting a lot more.

  13. dereklleee says:

    If there is a way to make the “emancipation suitcase” (I believe it was called) a little more intuitive to find in the event the interface isn’t working (like this afternoon), it would be helpful. Took quite awhile to get through the setup process today and when I finally made it to the part where I could leverage my Facebook media it crashed.

    I thought I would just go in and do it later, but can’t seem to find that ‘button’. It would likely be helpful to others if that were more readily ‘findable’.

    • You can do that once again from your media gadget. Click on the “see all’ or ‘full view’ icon on the top of media gadget and then in right side under Media there is link for ‘Upload media’ option and select the third one for “Import media from Facebook” & click OK . Same link is there in bottom when you choose “Photos” in media gallery.

  14. I’m finding it very slow to load at the moment, so not getting very far. Love the idea and hope it works………..

    • Matt Gee says:

      I experienced a slow load at first also. But things seem better now. But then if many are using IE what do you expect?? I use Opera Web Browser and the pages load faster. And also, this is the beta, and things will be like this. Its hard when we all may have been Facebook junkies…lol…to move to something else. I have a personally reason for dumping Facebook, they said that my computer maintenance web site was “spam” and “abusive.” Check my profile, you tell me if that is true?

  15. Here’s a few for now…
    1. For the income option could you add £s?
    2. The site can be really laggy sometimes.
    3. When I add a new school or place I’ve lived in, it resets my place of origin.

  16. Dave says:

    The *ENTIRE* site is slow, pretty much to the extent of being unusable. It’s taken me around an hour to activate my account following the activation email.
    The cause on signup seemed to be that asset.axd was taking 2mins+ to respond to GET request. That one file contains 32k lines of Javascript. Consider separating to multiple smaller segments to allow the page to load faster.
    Now that I’m logged in, ash.ashx seemingly times out, and is subsequently re-requested, automatically.
    Before I’m told it’s my connection causing the issues, I’ve had multiple people attempt to access the main domain page. All are seeing the same results, across a number of different browsers, from different ADSL lines.
    I also saw the configuration error thrown by IIS while signing up, but I’ll put that down to a teething problem, and isn’t that uncommon in my line of work.

  17. Just arrived.

    Your fixed layout is wider than my laptop screen so I have to scroll –horizontally– to see it all. Yuk.

    Your “about” section says nothing about who you are or what you are. This is very disappointing. The Unthink brand promises something new.. which for me has to include transparency.


  18. malcallm says:

    It’s way to complicated. Gazillion windows, frames, buttons. WTF is innovation index and green index??? Lifestyle tree? ibelieve? It all looks like crazy CRM app in MegaCorp LTD. I give up.

    • Ashley says:

      I dont understand whats up woth the tree and those energy looking bars next to the profile pic!? It looks like it has potential to be good but they need to take a lot of bulk out

  19. sue scott says:

    Yey, however i am struggling to use it a bit as when ever i get a pop up for example the suite tour i cannot scroll down to see the whole of the pop up. also i cant dit my profile as a privacy pop up comes up and i cant get past it

  20. So far everything looks great, but the load times are really slow! Which makes sense now that I’ve looked at your twitter feed. 🙂

  21. lp says:

    Not sure if it was my connection but felt like i was on dial up for first time in a long time, it could be maybe too much traffic on site and everybody is getting there code now, i hope so..

  22. Mike Janick says:

    you simply can’t be making fun of google and facebook and then have your servers not function. really, so not the way to launch things. O still can’t get on from the West Coast. Suggest you all throttle back your beta invites. You’ll kill any interest before you even start. Just take a look at a twitter search.!/search/%23UNTHINK And ‘adding servers’ as fast as you can may have worked 10 years ago, but not anymore. Especially for a company ‘3 years in the making’.. really.


  24. Eric says:

    Very happy that unthink is now live. However, I’m having some minor issues. 1) Things are very slow in loading and when typing words are delayed. 2) Cannot add other social networks like facebook(not that i really want to but I wanted to give it a shot). There is no place on my suite to add this stuff and if there is, I’m not understanding….


  25. jennifer says:

    So far very user unfriendly .

  26. Steven Garone says:

    When trying to update a profile, it pushes up a privacy preferences thing that won’t go away unless I change my preferences. There should be a “I’m good with them as they are, thanks” button.

  27. Franck Commonsens says:

    Very happy to be here and looking forward to explore Unthink as it grows.

    Today is my first day, probably like many others, who are rushing in and thus explaining why it is so slow editing or moving around.
    Although I didn’t explored it all, I’ve noticed already ONE single thing that give me grieve: Pictures.

    Am a semi-professional photograph and love to display what I do for all to enjoy; problem is that the “view” or display given to pictures is ridiculously small!! You will have expected a “full screen” view when a picture is clicked or at least have a secondary far larger page opening to capture all the suitabilities and beauty of the photos: what is the use of creating and uploading photos if they are so small that the viewer cannot see it all?

    Perhaps even a full background using pics or

  28. Jim says:

    The Albums under Media are crashing. Also would be nice to just click on the album i want without having to scroll through every one to get to the one I want.

  29. TJ Howard says:

    Something wrong with the “Lifestyle Tree” when you hover over it. The text box slings off that page and something funky happens to the footer.

  30. Adam says:

    Firstly, Feedback should be displayed privately.
    I would say the design needs to be worked on a bit more. It feels bulky and too many stylistic distractions. The best user interface is one that feels like the user interface is ‘invisible’. Take some pointers from Diaspora.

    • Birch Wind says:

      I second this wholeheartedly. I’m a Diaspora user and I find that the UI at Unthink is far too bloated. There should be an option to permanently minimize windows that we don’t want to see, rather than having to re-minimize every time I come back to the page. The info scrolling along the bottom of the page is very distracting. The pages load very slowly… just too much stuff going on. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown accustomed to Diaspora and Friendika, with their simple layout, and a real feel of ‘user control’. I’m using Unthink in order to give it a proper work out before reviewing it, but so far it’s just too slow, too bloated, and too busy. The concept was nice, but I think it’s trying to do too much. Simplify.

  31. Paul says:

    are you fucken serious? over an hour to register, emanciation suitcase one click my arse. What I appear to own is a stagnant area where I can dio nothing, wicked amazing concept. I have spent an hour and a half of my life waiting to discover NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING. Sort your shit out and I suggest altering your utube video to just sit there enlessly loading, at least it will reflect what you actually get, why make me wait for 3 months to be so average, you could have been this average 3 months ago

    • BETA!!!!!! What don’t you understand about BETA! There are going to be errors. They did a limited release so that we could find these bugs. Programmers can only do so much. It takes real-world application and heavy user loads to find out what they need to improve. Calm down, or GTFO.

      • Matt Gee says:

        I really second what Brandon is saying, and he has said this more than once: its beta. That is not some fish a friend of mine in Facebook has in her aquarium. People are so impatient, I wonder if they live their lives with such impatience. I’m glad that Unthink chose me as a beta tester, and I will make the best of it.

  32. First Time User says:

    In the courtesy of feedback, I love the setup so far, but am finding a slow page change rate.

  33. Effy says:

    Site looks really promising but it has to run much faster. I get that its a server issue, but first impressions last and if a lot of people face problems with speed and use they won’t invite others to join
    Keep up the good work:)

  34. Speed does not seem to be a factor here..>Why is the site running slower than molasses running uphill in January?

  35. So far, I love the page layout and design. It could be that I’m one of the first (?) but the site takes forever to log-in. Layout was confusing at first, but I’m loving it so far. THANKS!!!!!!1!!!

  36. dfknight says:

    Really slow for me. But great website design!

  37. jaydee says:

    fix the server latency please

  38. Scrolling through the photo albums are very difficult. I can’t figure out how to invite my friends since I didn’t do it at the initial sign in. I’m a bit disappointed that this is a marketing site, another way to get mail. It’s not really a social site. I’m going to hang in for now.

  39. Cloud Scape says:

    Just joined in from the UK and at the moment UNTHINK is running really slow. It’s been only the first few hours in beta and I guess it has to settle in… Looking forward to see some content and feeds + interactions with other UNTHINKers.

  40. S o v e r y s l ow t o up d at e a n yth i n g.

  41. Matt Gee says:

    Sorry far I like the experience of Unthink. I’m having difficulties with viewing the photos I uploaded
    earlier. But I suppose being a beta is about finding those things out. I really want to be here and enjoy it,

  42. The idea and concept are interesting, and I was definitely curious, but my first impression is mostly negative. You guys have a lot to improve.

    1. The process is slow and too many questions asked.
    2. The design and illustrations are too much feel cheap. Better leave it clean, less clutters.
    3. It has to be better than feel simple than Google+ and Facebook, otherwise there is no point.

  43. It’s WAYYY too slow guys!! How do you integrate all the other SN sites?

  44. Sean Paxton says:

    Excited to give it a try, BUT very, very, very slow load times. Almost gave up a couple times, but hung in there. Good luck. Hoping for the best. One other thing – profile pic / thumbnail doesn’t seem to stick after cropping images. Again, good luck. Rooting for success. stp

  45. Tanya says:

    I thought I’d be able to link/transfer all my other social streams here .. facebook, twitter, etc, and access them all in one place, but so far I’ve not found a way to do that, There was an option when i first signed in to connect to Facebook, but it failed (several times) to even load up – since then I’ve not found it again. The idea is great .. unfortunately so far it appears unthink were unprepared!

    • Birch Wind says:

      Unthink does not connect with other social sites. Friendika does a pretty good job of that though. Unthink is suppose to replace other sites and allow us to mingle with friends, businesses and employers, all from one place. As a result however, it seems to be more cluttered than useful at this point in time.

  46. Mike says:

    To slow. Takes a long time for pages to load.

  47. Jean says:

    Welcome to the net. I notice we can use different names, but it would be nice to be able to have different names show for the different streams — Public, Social, and Professional — we are frequently known by different names in each environment. Or we might want to present a more relaxed atmosphere outside of the professional environment, but we certainly wouldn’t want to create that impression in the professional environment.

  48. Todd says:

    Servers are painfully slow. Takes forever to save or login or

  49. Niffe says:

    It would be nice to be able to invite people even after the initial set up!

  50. andrea says:

    Hi friends,I really like the green motifs,it’s easy on the eyes. It’s all a bit confusing at the moment.I’m trying to decipher stuff like clusters,suites and such. Not that it’s unreasonable or anything I just have to sit back and figure out how it all works and comes together. I’m just one of those people that not only needs to know how it works and fits together but also why it works. So I don’t catch on right away. That Kate thing though,I find annoying, I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings but it’s not for me. I understand it’s for tutorial purposes but for some reason I lose interest trying to follow a cartoon. I love the voice of the tree,I’d much rather hear that tone and it helps me absorb the instructions,but I can’t relate to Kate.It’s all a lot of information right now so it’s going to take time to get it down. I don’t think people will be able to warm up quickly,it’s a bit technical. I like the ideology of your program,I just don’t want to lose interest because of all the set this and that. I guess I’m used to the simplified sign up sites,because it’s easier,equaling fun faster. I’m not giving up though,and I hope you don’t either. This just my first impression,and I wish you tons of success in this venture. Thank you for this alternative,I do appreciate it.

  51. Denny says:

    I am in UK and it is very slow, each click will take more than 30 sec to load and the UI looks very complicate. I will try again tomorrow if the speed is better.

  52. Tim Vettel says:

    i understand unthink is in beta, but i thought the emancipation would transfer my FB data to my unthink suite and it did not happen… will try again later.

  53. rklemrn says:

    Very excited about the possibilities! Profile pics has been a problem, won’t upload either in thumbnail or profile pic. but, hey, that is what beta i.s for! Again, glad UNTHINK is around and i am part

  54. Brian says:

    The design is quite nice and the interface keeps the useful things handy. However, loading time is quite slow. I also can’t find the emancipation suitcase now that I’ve actually got my suite. Do we only have the option of doing that once? Help seems to be unavailable, that will need to be rectified. All-in-all, a very good idea, and a great start. I look forward to seeing growth and improvement in the beta stage.

  55. henry says:

    Hello : )

    First impressions:

    -> very slow
    -> too much windows after signup ( damn 100 steps, not 5 )
    -> couple of times service crashed (disconnected, some server errors)
    -> There is problem with dropdown list and adding new city

  56. Lori Porter says:

    I UNTHINK I’m going to love it! I could tell your servers were being hammered, currently very slow and having trouble accessing some settings, unless that’s part of the BETA

  57. wynkle says:

    hmn its being verrry slow, i must admit facebook is sucking me in between loading pages

  58. Jean says:

    Your country list is missing a few countries — Kuwait and Bahrain are not listed. (Haven’t checked for any others.)

  59. Andy Mancha says:

    Right now, the categories in my suite are very sluggish and any activity I perform slows it down. I imported my Facebook stuff and I’m checking it all out.

  60. Randy says:

    Everything looks interesting. A couple of things though:

    1. Pages load very slow. Is that because we’re in beta?

    2. I had to log in using the code you e-mailed me as a password. When I attempt to change my password, I am not able to do so. Any suggestions on that?

    3. I was also unsuccessful at importing my Facebook media (photos).

    Looking forward to what’s ahead! This looks promising.

  61. Having difficulties connecting to friends and also setting profile pic. Can we use media already uploaded via facebook for a profile pic.? I cant find a way

  62. Grave says:

    liking it so far. it may be cause your in beta, but its freeking slow. look forward to the finished product

  63. Hey guys,

    You’ve done a great job at identifying the triggers necessary to get into this space. The whole anti facebook thing, the anti-movement, freedom, control, emancipation, its all good.

    It seams you have a solid biz plan as well based on Klout type brand-to-user connection. Well done.

    What is lacking?

    Thus far I havent seen a strong emotional connection between the words and actions. The emotional triggers are there (mom on a quest to create anti facebook) but it’s not clear how unthink is diff from facebook. Especially given the fact that FB has friends lists, and now theres G+ to contend with.

    I say all this as a fellow maker of a startup platform, and someone who looks at a platform from a marketing perspective.

    Hope this feedback helps.

  64. Andy Mancha says:

    Can you make navigating photos in albums easier? Right now, I find it to be VERY constricting and I couldn’t seem to organize my albums in order. I know u guys are drawing the line between you and Facebook, but you can certainly learn a lot from their format.

  65. Daniel15 says:

    Your site is way too slow to be usable. 100+ external CSS and JavaScript files is unacceptable and causes the page to take around 50 seconds to load for me. 😐

  66. Andy Mancha says:

    It would be cool to get artists to upload tracks to the site, somehow. I used to have a MySpace account and I loved how you could listen to tracks and watch music videos.

    Facebook did not do that for me. I’ve been using it since like March of this year.

  67. Anne Hisey says:

    Site is way too slow and…what’s the point if I can’t even do a single thing on here without getting an error message and thus, having to log back in…which, in and of itself is an ordeal!!

  68. Kevin W. Grossman says:

    Well, it was buggy for me registering today and it wouldn’t import my Facebook info. Once I log in can I still import it? Otherwise, that’s a lot of work.

  69. I wonder if you could tell us a little about the migration of content from Facebook. Is it just a copy of the Facebook content that gets migrated into UNTHINK? I imagine some users will wonder if the process will damage their Facebook content. Thoughts?

  70. Selene says:

    Just getting started. I tried to use the Emancipation tool to get my Facebook data, but got a blank screen when clicking on it (in the final step of getting started). I am using Google Chrome on a Mac.

    • trininox says:

      I had the same issue, going to the tool after the start-up wizard it worked. Double clicking the photo in the media gallery, in the lower left column. Select Upload Media. then choose import from Facebook. The popup window worked for me then. (this is actually a Facebook/chrome issue I’ve had with other sites interfacing with FB)

  71. DFKnight says:

    When people see an invite code that just says unthink, they will treat it as spam. I know several people who have done this. Is it possible to personalize the message/subject so it’s directed from the users?

  72. Amber Johns says:

    Does this suite work with Safari? I am having difficulties with this browser.

  73. Blogneta says:

    Good evening..kind of exciting to be part of this and I am sure once I figure it all out, I will become a real unthinker…lol

    Just a heads up, I am noticing the site is running very slowly and for once I do not have too many tabs up. I am using chrome if that is of any help.

    The other issue is that I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and for some reason Edmonton is not being acknowledged, not exactly sure what that is about.

    This is going to be a lot of fun and thanks for making me a part of it

  74. Terri Warwick says:

    I am confused about all.Plus there is no way to log out.

    • UNTHINK says:

      Upper right corner. 🙂

      • Sly says:

        In many browsers we cannot see the log out button that’s located in the upper right corner…. I’ve noticed that lower navigation bar (you know the one you move left and right) can’t go all the way to the right… and that’s in every single screen of our profile…

        I had to resort to click on the upper left corner (where the tiny unthink drop-down menu is) click on home and then I’m able to see the log out in the upper right corner…

        Another thing that really bugs me is the bottom message display bar… it eats up all the cpu… If you would make it possible for us to “hide” it when we want to, that would be great and wouldn’t eat at our cpu, so to speak… And you should put the buttons, of that display, on the left instead of the right (coz of the fact that we cannot see the right side of the screen)…

    • Matt Gee says:

      The Log Out is to your upper right. I had that problem also so I made my screen smaller, and there it was.

  75. J says:

    the website is so freaking slow. I can build a site in social engine filled with people that run faster.
    its unbearable to use and confusing at first

  76. Andy Mancha says:

    We should be able to make our photos into our profile picture. It’s kind of annoying that I have to upload from my computer.

    On another note: I hope you guys can eventually make an iPhone app. It would be extremely convenient. If you REALLY wanna 1-up Facebook, make it run smoother and better.

    I’m pretty sure you will have to update your servers, but it’s a thought.

  77. Daniel says:

    Great idea! I like the 4 separate social streams/channels. I created an account and did not add friends in the first 4 steps of account creation. I assumed I would have another opportunity. How do I add friends? If I missed my only opportunity, then I will not be able to do much in the beta. Thanks!

    • Daniel says:

      Nevermind, I found it. I was looking at the My Network box and in the account settings. I now see that there is a friends tab in the Social box.

  78. Hello. The emancipation option to move Facebook info appeared in the wizard at the beginning. Now I have no idea where to find it. Also, it seems I’m following kate, which I don’t remember choosing. I’m sure Kate’s helpful. But with no explanation of who she is or why I’m forced to follow her is a bit unsettling. That’s what I noticed so far.

    • You can do that once again from your media gadget. Click on the “see all’ or ‘full view’ icon on the top of media gadget and then in right side under Media there is link for ‘Upload media’ option and select the third one for “Import media from Facebook” & click OK Or Same link is there when you choose “Photos” in media gallery.

  79. Jennifer says:

    So far I like what I see! It’s easy to use compared to many other social networking sites. It has been running a bit slow but I know you’re adding servers to keep up with the huge flood of new users. With the horrible changes Facebook has brought on, I’m incredibly excited to see something new that’s easy to use. I can’t wait until you guys grow. 🙂 I will provide as much feedback as possible as I play around a little bit more.

  80. wolfshades says:

    Looks like a pretty cool place. But I’m wondering how to add friends so we can all participate? I saw the refer tab but….anytime I put a name in there it tells me “name not found” or something so I guess that is used for an activity for already existing accounts. Help!

  81. tgelstons says:

    Is no one leaving feedback here?? How the heck do I spread the love that is my public page? That crazy long URL any plans to make nice or something similar? Peace, T

    • trininox says:

      It states on the profile the “Vanity” URL’s will come in the future.. Even google+ doesnt offer that yet and they went public.

  82. Tad says:

    for an unthinking environment where the emphasis appears to be thinking out of the box… I am surprised that the basic profile doesn’t give options for gender other than male and female such as TRANSGENDER and/or OTHER…. as well as ASEXUAL under the sexual orientation option.

  83. Carrie Yu says:

    Is it just me or does anyone also think this interface is not very user-friendly? I think the registration process is also annoyingly too long!

  84. Joe says:

    are we supposed to leave feedback as comments? So far I like the site although load times were a bit slow today. I think it would be nice if you could show different names for your different spheres. For example, most of the time on the interwebs I use a pseudonym by which my friends identify me, but if I am going to use the professional sphere, I would like my real name displayed there. Thanks!

  85. Jen says:

    So far only two complaints,
    1. How come if i bypass the part in the initial start up where I can transfer over all my facebook media, why cant I do that at a later time? or where do i find it?
    2. certain things open up new tabs, a bit irritating, but not really a big deal.

    • trininox says:

      Under the gallery on the lower left media box, double click the suitcase. click upload new media. choose import from Facebook.

  86. Zack Baus says:

    The Unthink news bar is highly annoying and irrataing, give an option to minimize it?

  87. Andrew says:

    So far so good! But in Account settings there are monetary fields. Is this going to be a paying service?

  88. Dan says:

    Cannot embed youtube
    Cannot cancel a post while editing
    Cannot back out of an operation (ie select an image)
    Not impressed.
    Hate your F-U! video.

  89. Julian says:

    Site is really slow in terms of load times, either traffic or code either way if it stays like this is will put huge amounts of people off straight away!

    • Peter says:

      Could`nt agree more and now the site seems to be offline totally.

    • Mia says:

      Yaa seems like there are still a lot of problems all over the place, maybe the release has been rushed too much?

      • Sean says:

        Yea I really liked what i did see but now can`t get any pages to load

      • Please bear in mind that when a site goes live for the first time, there are bound to be issues. With new servers, the infrastructure may not be able to handle the page rush. The site will probably be down all day today and go in and out of service for the next three weeks while they get ready to go public. This happens with all new websites. If you have never experienced this before, then you must be new to the internet. I remember the days of Reddit where the site went down every ten minutes. I had to replace my F5 key.

      • I agree Mia. I understand what Brandon is talking about but it seems this has nothing to do with servers and infrastructure or the fact that it’s in “Beta” People seem to be using the “Beta” tag as a scapegoat for a poorly thought out and put together site. It’s a poor site design with bad or incomplete programming. The news article said something about hwo Unthink spend 3 years finding out what people want and had over $2 million in funding and this is the best they could put together? High School kids programming a site for school can put together something very similar. This site lacks vision, imagination, originality, and functionality. I for one am pretty disappointed.

  90. Ken Stoltz says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to test drive this…looks good so far.

    i do have a question….how do you add contacts – when I first setup the suite, there was an opportunity ti use gmail and other logins to add / find people….but how do you access that after the fact?

    thanks again!

    • Sat says:

      You can add people to you your network by using:
      In iUnthink if you want to follow someone go to Following tab then use the link “add or invite more”.
      In Social if you want to add a friend go to Friends tab then use the link “add or invite more” .

  91. confusing none of my friends are on here yall need to make a place where you can find friends on here from facebook

  92. Going further from my other comment, having distinct borders on each individual section makes the interface feel as if it isn’t a single coherent service that feels alive. I’m a fan of minimalism, lets the reader concentrate on the content. The header, for me, takes up too much space. The logo feels a little big.

  93. Eric Leung says:

    I am from Hong Kong, and it is a bit slow

  94. Anita says:

    Glad UNThink is finally here! Very excited to be here, and ready to blog about it! I’ve been waiting for an alternative forEVA!
    Since I’m having major login/signin and loading issues, I’m thinking your current servers are most likely overloaded because of a huge number of new users. If that’s the case, I’m happy to be more than patient. If that isn’t the problem, now you know my issues. Other than that, I can’t wait to dig in!

  95. You probably could of saved a lot of research and development if you programmed with ruby and used the open source code from Diaspora. Rebrand it to fit Unthink and develop more off of that. Allow the new possibility for users to advertise if they like as you guys do now. It would be in the same way Linux distributions work.

  96. Karrie says:

    I wish everything fit in one page and I didn’t have to scroll to the left or to the right. I only have to scroll up or down and that’s it.

  97. maureen says:

    too slow

  98. I think that you guys/girls need to have some advertising, along with a walk through on how to setup an Unthink. I just started one and I had to guess what to do… and I got it!! ^.^
    Other then that great job!

  99. Alright, things seem to run a lot smoother now. The Emancipation Suitcase keeps crashing my Firefox, but then again, I do have lot of media on fb. Question though: is there an official way to send out invites or do you mean we should just tell people about Unthink? Cause I’ll tweet about it if I have to…

    • Ok, I figured out how to invite friends, in case anyone is interested. Just click on the “Friends” tab in the Social window, then click the “Invite by Email” tab. Put in up to 20 e-mail adresses seperated by commas and voilá, your friends will be sent an e-mail with invite code.

  100. ergodesk says:

    Actions tab needs a “Edit Function”
    Link not working for me, need to Link Photos as well

  101. “Coming Soon” “Coming Soon” Coming Soon”… that’s all I keep seeing. Also, I see “unverified”… How do I change that?

    • remember that UNTHINK is currently in BETA. As development continues, they will be adding features, changing the way things function, and re-arranging the layout. Please remember that this is not the final product yet.

  102. PJ Rosenberg says:

    1. Remove option for unthink news at the bottom.. its very distractive and annoying.
    2. Give more options for uploading profile image sizes. Auto resize image to default at upload.
    3. Provide option to delete sections
    4. Hard to understand how to navigate back to main page when going through site.
    5. Too busy.. maybe the Tree should be more centralized theme..
    6. Option to change color and fonts of your page.

  103. loving the site so far, even after the rough morning 😉 but the search bar in my suite is a little buggy and I can’t find how to use the emancipation suitcase 😦

  104. v says:

    well, that’s great & all – have been looking around.
    But except by importing contacts from email clients
    or FaceBook, I see no public forums or groups, or
    anywhere to meet people!
    Am I missing something??

  105. Rob Gordon says:

    The display is too wide for my screen – so you have to do a horizontal scroll – never a good idea.

  106. so far so good. I just need to mess with it some more. create an app for the android devices please

  107. “Colleges I’ve attended” needs work… needs box to put in degree name

  108. Rob Snow says:

    Very slow at present! I mean, very!!!

  109. I can’t find how to add friends or to browse the people already on the site. The site is way different than Facebook, etc. It’s a little hard to get used to. I’m trying though.

  110. Nay says:

    It’s difficult to fund people on UNTHINK. A little confused as of right now…

  111. Arsalan says:

    Well its really slow.

  112. carlos valdez says:

    cant upload a pic to my profile

  113. Jia-Jun Chen says:

    I should create a new one or reply here?
    I have a little question about the language support of UNTHINK.
    Is there only in English?
    I found some data could be type in Chinese.
    And, the speed about refreshing the page is usually lag…
    It’s beautiful!!

  114. ScottMGS says:

    The city selector gives odd results. I tried to type in “San Diego” but once I got to “San Di” it started deleting letters. It eventually let my type the whole thing.

  115. Teresa Caine says:

    Change the help videos to actual HELP videos and not just cheesy promos. Change the promo videos to something adults can identify with. just my opinion. i like the layout and the privacy the site says it offers. i also love the ad free feel of it and the control the user has over where and how their info is used and shared.

  116. Mieke says:

    Hey thanks for your hard work 🙂 How about this…we all (okay maybe not ALL ) have online buddies that are only online buddies, ie: redditors, slskers, bloggers etc etc people with nicks we’ve known for years and perhaps would like to keep it that way. I know some folks with a second FB page to keep identities protected…would having another box on our suite for those folks be possible. So we can collect all of our cyber family in one place? Maybe this is a silly idea, maybe I’m the lone dork with too many online communities to participate in….thought I’d throw it out there…

    • Sly says:

      I think that’s what “clusters” are for… basically making different groups… though all the clusters remain under one big umbrella…

      Good idea you have there though! 🙂

  117. Sean Clarke says:

    Is this where I’m supposed to leave feedbacK?

    2 major fails during registration…. I live in Bangkok, Thailand but my home is Hong Kong and I wanted to select Hong Kong as my primary location. Cannot believe that Hong Kong is NOT listed as a country!! Went ahead and chose Thailand as my country instead and then found that the Capital City Bangkok is NOT an option in the list of cities…. I have no idea where you got the list of cities that are available… they are not cities whatever they are… villages maybe…..

    To not have Hong Kong and Bangkok is almost laughable!

  118. ScottMGS says:

    The profile seems aimed at people under 30, maybe 35, and the social options seem frivolous or superficial. Is it supposed to be a dating site?

    At first, I was not clear on the distinction between Social and Lifestyle. Once I figured out that Lifestyle is really supposed to be how businesses find me I understood but I think the terms are interchangeable for some people. I think you’ll need to make the distinction more obvious.

  119. Tamás Prágai says:

    Hey, why cannot I change my password? I am in accounts, copying the valid password in the old password field, but it keeps saying: “please enter valid password”

  120. Crystal Rivers says:

    Would love to be able to set one of my photos as my profile pic with just a click, instead of importing the profile pic from the folders on my desktop. That way I could change it more often, depending on mood, and it’s a lot easier, at least for me. Thanks

  121. I don’t like the Update | Actions | Help tabs on the left side because they are covering over important area of my profile. What is my UNTHINK web address URL?

  122. Wow. When I clicked on my user name in the upper right corner, the refreshed page resolved that 3 side tabs problem, and they no longer obscure anything. Problem solved. BTW, I am very impressed with how different and sophisticated this social media platform is. You have put a lot of thought into it. Thanks.

  123. kofi says:

    The page is too busy

  124. Tim Vettel says:

    ok, folks, might be losing patience. first, i invited 19 friends in a group email…i don’t think they got the invites since when i check my outgoing invites on my suite it says none went out. second, i uploaded an album of photos 8 pm the first night and uploaded them as an album. now the album upload seems to be hiding from me and the photos no longer are on my suite. AND, the feature to bring all of my FB data from FB to Unthink seems to not work. a little help here, folks. a little help here, please. cause i am into photography and really want the album feature…. not going at all into doing uploads of single photos. thanks…. and like i said, understand all about being in beta.

  125. marv says:

    Only been on a few mins but loving the presentation and layout. The endorse thing seems like a nice idea too. Hope Unthink takes off! 🙂

  126. Jia-Jun Chen says:

    Where is my repling…

  127. Jia-Jun Chen says:

    When I first loaded this page, it showed only one replying.
    But after I replied again, the past replying showed again…

  128. I uploaded a video to my Suite, but it does not appear to be rendering correctly. Perhaps I should wait a while longer, but I got an email telling me it was ready.

  129. Hi Guys, and congratulations!

    I wanted to attach a png file to show you how the picture gallery – selecting one album – displays on my end (using FireFox) but i guess you’ll have to do it on your end and see…

    Best regards,

    Cyril Delencre.

  130. The Lonesome Drifter says:


    I’m looking forward to this. However, it’s very, very slow at the moment so will come back and update profile etc when the site speeds up. Looks great though and very promising.

  131. Hmm, kinda slow loading. That can make people run out. I know still beta version but for beta version really slow loading from Germany. Leaf profile picture great idea love it!. On registration u can choose many language, but you cannot choose your interface language, still English. That will be done in meaning time, but that slow load issue have to fix quick..

  132. Derek Law says:

    In Opera 11.52, the Updates/Actions/Help tabs pop out behind the main windows.

  133. So far, I’m impressed. Just the stream features have immediately hit my core needs dead on! I’m really excited to see more done with it and the profile expand.

    Just a few features I’m really excited about seeing:

    – Vanity URLs (I personally would have done this waay ahead of time, but that’s only me)
    – Endorsements and Brand Management
    – Advanced Profile Tools

    Really glad to see the launch went well, after the initial server troubles!

    If I can suggest a few features that might work out well:

    – Cross-Posting! Allow streams from Unthink to feed to and from Facebook, Twitter and G+ as well as choosing which streams correspond to what. For instance, Twitter would feed to and from my Public stream, Facebook to and from my Social and G+ to and from my Professional.

    – Development API! I would love to start developing applications in a similar was to the Facebook platform (Use of Canvas, etc). Is this being considered?

    – Development Blog! I’d love to keep up with new developments and features as they happen, does this already exist?

    That’s just a few of the ones that spring immediately to mind, I’ll probably thing of me some other time!

  134. Richard Johnson says:

    I’ve had my Invite Code, and I’m enjoying the layout. Love the overall Unthink Suite, and I like the Social, Professional and Lifestyle sub-suites.

    Only a couple of niggles, although it may be that I just haven’t figured it out yet…

    Firstly, for Media/Picture Albums, an option for “Just Me” would be handy in the Privacy Settings. For example, I have some albums that I don’t want to make public but the people I wish to share with are not YET on Unthink.

    And, secondly, how do I tag myself in pictures. When I go to pictures I have imported from Facebook, when I try to tag them, I only get the option of adding Unthink’s Kate. I’ve tried entering my own name and I’ve tried just entering “Me” and that doesn’t work. Is there a way to do this that I am missing?

  135. Dario says:

    Can’t access the “Emancipation Suitcase” – how can I do that and transfer stuff from FB?

  136. Okay, I don’t really get it. How do I find people I know, I don’t have contacts that I want socially on my hotmail accounts so really I want to see if any of my friends from ‘that social networking site that must not be named’ has it.

  137. Cannot seem to use the Facebook emancipation suitcase? Just opens to a blank page.

  138. Wow — am I first? Really interesting idea, with loads of potential. I like the idea of separate streams all in one place, with differing privacy levels. The Lifestyle stream is especially powerful.

    I’m afraid I hate the tree videos — they’re gaudy, amateurish and patronising. And why no easy way to post my social updates on Twitter?

    I also think the iBelieve panel is a major mistake. It seems utterly off-brand to be prescribing belief statements for people. This is supposed to be about freedom!

    But huge respect for going up against the mighty Google and Facebook. Good luck.

  139. James D says:

    not a good start…

    Invalid aspect ratio of uploaded image

  140. Denny Wong says:

    Ok, site speed is much better today. My first impression about UnThink is that it is not easy to use. I am pretty good with computers but still found it very confusing to use. I am not sure should I invite my friends and family to UnThink as I cannot show them how to use. I suggest you need to get more of your staff to go on the public stream and start communicate with the us and show us how to do things in UnThink.

  141. PS: When I try to upload a .CSV contacts file, nothing seems to happen. :-/

  142. Matt O'Gara says:

    Hiya, 2 things so far – I couldn’t get the emancipation suitcase to work, nor could I import contacts from hotmail.

  143. Matt O'Gara says:

    PS That sounded a bit harsh – love the layout, great having sections, great for marketing? … not sure as yet! Best of luck!

  144. Kwan says:

    Hi. Just a quick feedback after my registration few mins ago:::
    I am from Hong Kong and traditionally we were treated as “country” in computer world though we have “returned” to Chinese rule for 14 years. I couldn’t choose “Hong Kong” in the country list nor city list under “China”. I wanna raise this to you and see if I can choose my place eventually… Thanks!


    • Sly says:

      There’s a place where you can “suggest a city” when you enter your info for the first time… I think that you might be able to add a new city to their database if you go under Account, then Residential Address…

  145. James D says:

    250 character limit is not good either 😦

  146. Sly says:

    Hi and Thank You for inviting me to be part of this historical event! 🙂 I’m extremely excited to be here :))))))

    I have to give a feedback now, I’ve been here for like 10 – 15 minutes and I found a few things that can be improved.

    1 – When viewing the my suite with the Google Chrome browser, I’m unable to see the right hand side menu in its totality (the same goes for my first name, which only has 3 letters)

    2 – I was so excited to get really fast to my suite that I skipped the part that allows me to connect to Facebook in order to import my media. And I couldn’t find the green “Suitcase” in my suite so I had to resort to my browser’s “back” button in order for me to go back to the Suitcase page.

    3 – I see that I can import my contacts from many different sources that use IM or emails… My problem is that I don’t have all my contacts in my IM nor email accounts… All my contacts are on Facebook and I was unable to find out where I should click to import my contacts or send them an invitation through an Unthink-Facebook connection (where’s the button??? lol)

    4 – It would be great to have some sort of reference link to give my Facebook contacts (by posting that link on Facebook, for example). Or something that would allow them to click on it and that I would have to approve in order for them to be able to connect with me (and add them) in my suite.

    5 – The left hand side menu (3 buttons – Updates, Actions, Help) are blocking the view of the Privacy setting page’s left hand side menu…

    6 – The bottom bar that has notifications and channels (#nameofchannelhere) blocks the view… And when I go in the media section where all my pictures appear in the middle of the screen, that bottom bar blocks the view big time (I can only see the top of the carousel of pictures in the lower part of the screen). We should be able to, kinda, hide each and every single menu… Like that it feels less cluttered… Some people have difficulty concentrating when everything is so closely tight and grouped together… (Maybe we can already hide it and I can’t see the “hide” button coz of my Google Chrome browser… I don’t know… I’ll try later with another browser to verify). – Edit: I’ve checked with the Firefox browser and I can’t see the right hand side of the my suite with it… I see exactly the same thing as with the Google Chrome browser and therefore, I’m unable to see if there’s a “hide” button in that notification bar…

    7 – Privacy settings: There should be the option for us, Unthinkers, to be the only ones to view certain things… Example: If I want to keep certain links, pictures, or any other thing, in my Unthink account/suite (kinda as a reference or to place it here for me to have them handy), I should be able to set the privacy setting as “Only Me”… Like that I’m the only one seeing it… It’s extremely practical, coz like I said, I can keep it as a reference for later on when I need it and I can, later on, let who I want to see those things when I’m ready to let them see it…

    8 – The “Help Menu” should be updated as soon as possible coz when people are gonna join in, in masses, they’ll need a Help Menu to guide them (step by step) otherwise a lot of them will feel lost and might decide not to stick around and stay with Facebook… Honestly, I hope EVERYBODY would leave Facebook asap!!!

    9 – Tags: I haven’t checked/verified yet, nonetheless I’m including it here just in case… We should be able to decide if we wanna be tagged or not… and if we do, we should be able to control who sees those pics/video/etc we’re tagged in… I personally hate when I’m tagged and people can see those medias… I like to choose who can and who can’t see it… that includes the pictures other people have of me… Like for example a group picture where I’m in the picture… I want to be able to decide who can see that picture even if it’s on somebody else’s account…

    10 – Apps: Please get loads of these!!! lol… Lots of games… to play alone or with other Unthinkers 🙂

    11 – The Carousel of Pictures: We should have like a ribbon/band that shows all of our albums in the media center, like that we can click on it and it’s faster for us to get to it… coz right now, the way it’s setup, we can only start navigating with the right arrow (we should be able to start navigating it from the right and left, instead of having to go through all of the albums if we want to find an album that we know is located at the end of the list of albums.

    12 – Lifestyle Tree: What does it do? I think it’s suppose to help us, right?… I clicked on it and nothing happens… Will it be activated soon??? How does it work??? After looking around more, I think that Tree is for the companies/brands… It’s not yet operational, just like the Lifestyle section of our suite. We’re patient, we’ll wait 🙂 lol not that we have any other choice anyway lolol…

    Well, I think that’s all for now… I really happy to be able to give a feedback and help improve our site 🙂 Question: Do you need help with the “Help Menu”??? I mean, to write it… the step-by-step, how-to, etc… I love exploring the site and would love to contribute if you need help with it or with any other things like that… If so, just let me know, you know where to find me 🙂

  147. bit of initial feedback. Looks great – v exciting:

    – would be good to style the stream boxes differently so you differentiate them at a glance
    – also to have an ‘general update box’ at the top with check boxes so you can decide whether to publish something to ‘All’ ‘Just Social’ etc (a la Tweetdeck)
    – and add a ‘update Twitter / Facebook’ check box to that.

    Good luck!!

  148. Damo says:

    Is there an app available for mobile devices yet?

  149. still learning to use it…. some option are not executable(greyed out)

  150. Jorge says:


    My unthink URL is:

    How can i personalize the 73e7882c568947dca7de505c8a321542?
    Best regards


  151. HI

    Having played with Unthink for a few minutes, I’m afraid to say that I’m not that impressed.

    The help videos aren’t helpful at all. It’s a nightmare trying to find the “add connections” option ( I fond it once, damned if I can find it again – you need to add this option to the connections/friends/followers list). The site is incredibly slow and I can’t log in with Firefox at all (gives 500 Internal Server Error).
    If there’s an option to drag in feeds from other platforms I can’t find it.

    Sorry to sound so negative, but I want to be able to import contacts quickly/easily, see what people are chatting about (I assume nothing as the search option in the top right doesn’t return anything) and so on.

    It would be really helpful if you would provide on screen text / image walk throughs for those of us who are in open office spaces.


  152. Kurt Tischer says:

    I can imagine that the unthink servers are getting hammered, so yeah, the interface seems kinda slow. Oddly, the interface for filling out various piece of information seems restrictive, even as it provides more choices. This may be one thing that FB got right.

  153. Kurt Tischer says:

    Tried to enter an additional email for friends to find me and it wouldn’t accept it. Think that it’s an “invalid email”, probably because it contains a numeric character after the @ symbol. You may want to fix your regex for determining valid email addresses.

  154. Kieran says:

    First impressions: nice clean UI – speed is obviously an issue but I have noticed you are getting a severe hammering on your servers.

    I really like the principle of UNThink 🙂

  155. Dan says:

    I like the way that the suite is laid out, everything is quite nicely placed. Setting up a basic profile wasn’t too bad either, I even managed to get my mugshot loaded.

    My qualms at the moment are the speed of the site, although I imagine that is a curse of Beta :/ I also didn’t like how many links I had to follow to be able to invite friends, but now I’ve found it, I probably won’t mind that much.

    Overall thus far, I like it quite a lot, looks very promising!

  156. Usman says:

    hey please tell me how i can import my all media/stuff from Facebook. i ignore this option during account creation.

  157. Lee says:

    I opted not to upload a csv of my contacts at the sign in stage foolishly – now can’t find how to do it? Otherwise – I’m loving it! Just networking with myself at the moment though…!

  158. There seems to be a bug when I try to edit a ‘League’. There is a ‘Set Your Privacy’ popup which i am unable to close (no close button, no closing when i click outside the box, escape doesn’t work).

    tested with: Google Chrome 15.0.874.102 on Ubuntu 11.10

    Furthermore the whole website seems to be a little slow and not responding in Opera 11.52. I guess this has to do with the beta and will be upscaled once more users are entering the Unthink platform.

    To be not all negative: I very much like the idea of seperate the different leagues (and being able to upload different user pictures for the different leagues).

    The Registration process is clear, but maybe a bit long and could set off users in the future.

    But keep up the good work! I’m liking the service as it is at the moment.

  159. Ashley says:

    You may want to make a mobile app to make accessing your site more convenient and also the sign out link doesn’t show so you can’t sign out once you log in.

  160. James Ball says:

    It might be a really great idea to get the verify feature live ASAP. The ability to create and grab that vanity URL is going to be a big draw for you.

  161. Trying to set my Professional profile. Once I try to set Visibility and security there is no way out of it other than to exit UNThink.

  162. Is there a way to view and post to my twitter, facebook, and linkedin accounts from unthink?

  163. Rami says:

    Hi All!
    This is what I think:
    – colours nice, kept simple – which is good
    – I think the personal page contains to many details which makes it slow to upload
    – Friends surch is unclear – pictures would be good or mini profiles to have a look at when surching
    – Privacy settings are not saving properly

    I will let you know when I have a look at it in more detail
    Keep up the good work!

  164. Hi, love the concept 🙂

    2 issues, I skipped adding contacts whilst setting up and cannot find how to add them now?
    also I cannot seem to add a profile picture.
    I would like to add some contacts to see how I can interact with others

    Thanks in advance


  165. M. Smith says:

    I think UNTHINK will be great once the bugs are worked out!! Having trouble uploading photo and being able to invite followers that I can see in the public stream.

  166. Mark Heaps says:

    So far my biggest point of feedback. Its very slow. I know its in Beta, but hopefully this is something you will be addressing as you scale out.

  167. thodorhs says:

    The best ever…

  168. Lyn Husen says:

    What a piece of krappy programming, it won’t let me change my password as now it’s to long. Delete my account for me as it won’t let me do it….

  169. Marie says:

    I think your biggest hurdle is going to be people not wanting to have to sever ties with all those other social sites — I see very little on yours about interconnectivity. Plugins or somesuch to allow people to crosspost to their FB, etc. accounts will make this something my friends snap up right away — otherwise I can see most of them arguing they don’t have the time & energy to switch, or worse, to add you as *yet another one* they have to set up and maintain. HINT: For simplicity’s sake, I would just get your service compatible with That would solve all of my problems (and most of many people’s) in one swoop: I could tell ifttt that every time I made a “social” post it should be cross-posted to FB, for example. Just a thought. Thanks!

  170. John Turner says:

    I’m not able to upload photos either individually or en-masse when I create an album.

  171. Resuna says:

    Let’s see. I can’t use my preferred name, because “Resuna” doesn’t have a first and last name. Didn’t we just go through this whole “names are hard” thing with Google Plus? The only safe form for a name, really, is just a single unstructured text box. Do let me know when I can change that.

    Same for gender. I can honestly enter “male”, but I know a number of people who genuinely can’t enter either “Male” or “Female”. This field should either be optional or a free form text box.

  172. Barney says:

    How do I accept friendship requests?

  173. Bob says:

    There are lots of unfamiliar terms, no help screen to figure them out, someone named kate is following me, and the guy that sent me the invitation to join does not show up in the search.

    Other than that it’s great!

  174. dennis greeno says:

    I dont thing this site is for me. what no games ha im am disabled and looking for something to do,and meet new friends , not to do business.

  175. Clark says:

    hey guys, i think you’ve done a good job!
    i’m a new unthinker, but i have a problem about changing my profile picture.
    i chose a photo to upload, but it shows nothing for editing on following step:
    “Please select how your photo appears: O Profile Photo O Thumbnail”
    is that normal?

  176. John Turner says:

    I am unable to have my uploaded profile image display.

  177. Frank says:

    Just started using Unthink. This thing is already hurting my head, and I have had a successful career in the It industry for 20 years. Is there a quick “get started” guide. Did I miss it. I know that anytime I start using a new complex application I experience information overload at first – but isn’t your product designed for you average person. I may end up loving it by the end of the day, but thougth it would make sense to give you my first impression – which you will be judged on by a lot of users.

    • Sabrina says:

      Agreed. I’ve sent invites to major technology players and their reviews will not be promising since they can’t even get their invites to work.

  178. Tbc says:

    Please advise where you can unsubscribe from Unthink – not having this clearly accessible is not encouraging.

  179. BJ says:

    I’m not able to upload a profile photo. After selecting the photo a window opens that says “Please select how your photo appears” with the options of Profile Photo and Thumbnail. Two outlined boxes appear under this, but there is not a picture shown. I tried three different browsers.
    Mac OSX 10.7.2
    Chrome 16.0.912.12 (dev channel)
    Firefox 7.0.1
    Safari 5.1.1

  180. Tbc says:

    Also – please advise where email update preferences can be managed.

  181. Nancy says:

    when making a post on my stream and uploading a photo I would rather receive an error message about my picture being too large than have a post added to the stream without the picture. Posting a comment about a picture is useless unless the picture is going to show up. No problem with the allowed size but definitely need an autoresponder/error warning if the picture doesn’t meet size requirements. Thanks

  182. Sarah T says:

    Thank you for the invitation. I signed up and couldn’t find anyone I know on unthink – not surprising at this early stage. However, I encountered a problem – I mentioned to someone that I was on unthink and they asked for an invitation. You told me I could invite friends, only, I can’t figure out how to – the UI isn’t exactly instinctive and I don’t even seem to be able to find out how to get help with such a question. Can you help?

    • UNTHINK says:

      In your Social gadget, under the “Friends” tab, there’s a link at the top that says “add or invite more.” We are working on making this a more prominent feature.

  183. karen7673 says:

    Just getting started, but I’m interested in building out my profile to get the most out of the site.

  184. Cecil says:

    Just signed up. The site is very slow…
    The first few times i tried to sign in with the invitation code, I received a “500 – Internal server error.” from your IIS web server
    I like the overall of the information on the website. Although, I don’t get the float menus on the left; Actions, updates, help. The actions menu is empty unless I go to someone else’s provide, so why show it all the time. I think it would make sense to only show menus when the relevant actions are available

  185. v says:

    OMG – somebody let me OFF this blog!!
    woke up to hundreds of emails comments from here –
    gonna crash or something!!!

    • First Time User says:

      To fix this, read your email… there is a link to manage subscriptions… click on it and you can unsubscribe to any of your wordpress subscriptions… aka less email notifications.

  186. Lori Porter says:

    It’s BETA people…….UNTHINK! BETA……….this platform is not fully capable as of yet……UNTHINK!!! It will come.

    • I was thinking the same thing. As they open the doors, understand that the site is still under construction and site admins will be doing heavy maintenance. Patience is the key right now. There will be bugs, there will be errors, and there will be down time. Just remember; BETA means it’s not an official release yet.

      • Maryanne Smith says:

        I was thinking the same thing as Lori and Brandon. It is already much improved since yesterday. I’m loving what I have seen so far. BETA=patience.

    • Birch Wind says:

      I think truly that this is more of an Alpha. Diaspora and Friendika are in Alpha mode and are far more stable already. Alpha is where you’d expect these sorts of issues.

      • Matt Gee says:

        I’m with Lori, Brandon, and Maryanne, the only sane and patient people on here…lol. I really want this to work so I can just forget spending time on facebook and the baloney they have already pulled with my profile.

  187. Kevin W. Grossman says:

    So now I want to go back in and start playing more, but I get: UNTHINK is over capacity. Please try again later.



    • I have noted that people are getting very frustrated and tempers are getting a bit frayed as a result. I have been getting the same message all day and the way I am choosing to look at it right now is that everything is bogged down with too many issues.

      I am going to give this a few days to settle down and see what happens.

      I am also going to hope that the issues so many of us are having to deal with, will also be dealt with in a timely fashion… one can always hope..right?

    • again. BETA. they just started letting people in… If a site that has been tested locally on an isolated network can support 50 users, the programmers can expect certain things to happen. when 5000 people are invited and the network is made “public,” there are bound to be errors that the programmers may not have accounted for. My guess is that they have taken the site down for server additions, programming, and URL hiccups. Because it is still BETA, there are bound to be these issues for the next few weeks. If you cannot handle the initial instability, please return in a few months after the website goes fully public.

  188. Sara says:

    Some Feedback/Thoughts:
    1. Have an option to collapse that Unthink news bar thing at the bottom. It gets annoying.
    2. The space on the site isn’t really proportioned right. Too much empty space at the top, etc.
    3. MAKE A GUIDE, HELP, OR FAQ PAGE! I know you must already have plans to do this but it needs to be said. Those videos don’t actually tell us anything…
    4. Some things are confusing on the site. Maybe tooltips would help?
    5. Needs an option to view our profile as others see it. Important.
    6. You need to make finding people more easier.
    7. Have more info on the home page. The videos are really kind of childish.
    8. The site seems to be heavily targeted towards younger people. You might want to make it more appealing to older folks.
    9. Has a lot of bugs that need fixing.

    I know you’re in beta and a lot of things will be fixed soon. These are just a few things that bothered me. I am definitely interested in Unthink and I will continue to try it.

  189. Aaron says:

    First off, the tabs on the left side are annoying as fuck. It is difficult to navigate to edit and preferences on those items with them there.
    Auto-adding “Kate Unthinker”?!? Come on. This isn’t Myspace where everyone had Tom for a friend. I can’t get her stupid feed off of anything. So far I have been less than impressed. More hype, no substance.
    I like Google Plus wwwaaayyy better.

  190. EmilyS says:

    Eh, I agree it’s pretty complex with all the windows and images, and that feed down there. It’s all rather difficult to take in.
    Also, I do realize this is beta, and I’m patient with errors now and again — specifically an “error 505 that” I get sometimes when attempting to edit various frames — because I can see potential in this.
    Hmm, and can anyone please tell me how to customize the url to my suite? I saw the option and then lost it, lol.

  191. Cliffy44 says:

    Is there a printed instruction manual on how this site works?

    I am a computer geek; having done helpdesk for Microsoft, during Windows 98 days; and I must tell you that Unthink is NOT easy to understand and adapt from one’s using the ever pathetic FarceBook.

    PLEASE GOD, do NOT allow Mark Fuckenberg on UnThink.

  192. Dominique says:

    1) My friend and I both sent each other friend request but neither of us received the request. 2) Facebook emancipation didnt work for either of us in the initial setup, now I can’t find the link to try it again. 3) I cant upload my photos

  193. Maheswaran Krishnan says:

    Hire a bunch of good designers or hire design firms like IDEO, site look and feel is not appealing. your site looks like amateur project. bad performance is acceptable since its BETA, but look and feel SUCKS…

    * Facebook is leading because myspace, orkut other sn sites was sucking in usability and look & feel.
    * Look at the Facebook logo font, how wonderful it is. look at box heading in your site, BOLD and crappy font.

    * Not only me, there are many of my friends were eagerly waiting for UNTHINK and its a huge disappointment. BETA software doesn’t means that it can be half-boiled.

    check out this professional design firms

    • TC says:

      I +1 and/or Like this, I feel the same way about the design. It’s way to clunky.
      Needs to be simple & clean. The site is going to prove tomuch of a learning curve for the average user.

      I was excited but now im not so much. And why am I on a wordpress page to leave this comment. This is very unprofessional looking. Lets get it together.
      I like the idea, but it needs lots of work.

  194. mike says:

    There is way too much going on at the homepage which also makes it a nightmare to use on mobile devices.

    I like the concept of the site but the design implementation is quite overwhelming, non-intuitive and confusing.

    Serious work needed here for this to take off. Simplify!

  195. Zane says:

    WTf i can’t upload any of my profile pics and i can’t figure out how to invite people…..why launch a test and not the real deal or is this a physiological thing where if it goes bad thats an excuse…testing phase 😛 insurance i guess

  196. Chris Voss says:

    Its VERY hard to find and add friends and I have a ton to add.

  197. Greg says:

    One word: Simplify, simplify, simplify!

    I love that there’s a lot going on, but at the same time, it’s all just thrown at you in just ONE page! I think when you first log in, there should be tabs on the left side of the page with all the different profiles (Social, Lifestyle, Professional). I’ve been looking at the page for a while, and I get this sense of confusion. The marketing is advertising to teenagers with the “FU” phrase, but when you go on the actual website, I feel like the colors, and all the clutter is more for people who are a lot more mature. I would say to have the website be more of a healthy balance between young and mature. I think a simple solution would be to be GIVEN the option to customize the profile (i.e colors, tabs, boxes, where things are placed, etc.)

    Think Apple-like design: Everything is there, everything is useful and efficient, but most importantly is that everything is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and it attracts more consumers to their products because it’s so simple. I also think that this website is a good place for inspiration when it comes to design:

    I think the design development team should be expanded and have an overall plan to make the website even better, more efficient, and a more aesthetically pleasing website that is appropriate for both older and younger people. I am really excited to start using this website a lot more often, and I also hope to see changes in the design to help it grow a lot quicker.

    I mean NO disrespect to the designers of this website, I know that there has been a lot of hard work that has been put into designing the site. There’s a lot about this site’s design that I DO love! In fact, I think the whole website is designed beautifully, but the one thing that REALLY needs attention is the profile, which will be your biggest selling point. I really want this website to succeed because I think it’s awesome what you guys are trying to do, but I know that design has A LOT to do with how consumers enjoy the experience, and I want to encourage awareness of this fact. I hope the team looks at my criticism as more of a positive than anything.

    Thank you for reading. I hope my feedback will be taken into consideration.

  198. Mandi says:

    Just with the signup form, I notice several things that will be serious hindrances for a lot of people to use your network: the mandatory first name/last name (see also the Google nymwars as to why this is an issue). The binary male/female, which will be a stumbling block for a LOT of people who identify as neither. The mandatory full birth date when a “yes, I’m over 13” (or whatever age you have as a minimum) should be enough. The mandatory city/state. My network of contacts is anything BUT localized, so that particular functionality is entirely useless to me, and it requires I provide data I’d rather keep private. To be honest, the amount of information you ask was a bit disappointing to me. I was excited about Unthink because I got the impression that you were trying to build a social network where the user is NOT the product….

  199. Ace says:

    Don’t think I like the theme, looked messy.
    Would prefer more simple like Google homepage.

    And, the site is really slow. Couldn’t login for a few days.

  200. BOW says:

    How to change the language? I can’t find it! And the webpage refreshing speed is too slow.

  201. thoughtcat says:

    Don’t like the “iBelieve” box with the selection of credos. I wouldn’t want to display any such badge on my profile, it makes me look like a religious nut. Plus the small “i” in “iBelieve” sounds like an Apple product.
    If I have four different profile types then how do I set the profile for each one? The intro video gave the impression I could appear in different ways depending on which profile someone is looking at.

  202. John Turner says:

    Please work out a new mechanism for sharing what you want to in the news crawl. These are most distracting and remind me too much of cable/network news. Unless you’re planning on telling me I don’t have to go to work because of a snow day, these crawls are pointless.

  203. Eric says:

    This question has been asked countless times now. IS ANYONE LISTENING?????


    I guess I’m guilty of ignoring the facebook setup in the beginning but I cannot access it anywhere and yes I have tried to make it full screen but nothing happens. I see the link on the right for facebook but it’s greyed out.


    • CB154 says:

      ok found ths by accident. you can add your fb contacts by double clicking on the suitcase at the bottom left. then click on upload media.

      • ThirstyJon says:

        Little suitcase on the bottom left of what? I don’t believe there is a way to import facebook contacts or add a twitter or facebook button or anything like that.

  204. pea says:

    First, you need a proper feedback system, not comments on a blog. Secondly, only in America does everyone live in a city. I live in the UK and about 50 miles from a city, so it shouldn’t be a requirement for me.

  205. dasert says:

    Invite button. Where did you hide it?

  206. Ovidiu U says:

    Please add more cities on each country. There are many databases with this information.

  207. Peter Davis says:

    I believe this new social media is very interesting. It is a little hard to figure out everything, but I believe that is my fault. I have been waiting to get rid of facebook. This beta is pretty cool, but I am ready for the real thing!!

  208. I am attempting to find and invite people via email. When I enter my Gmail details it tells me my password for Gmail is invalid. Obviously it’s not invalid since I’m logged into my Inbox and Google Talk right now. My Google password does contain symbols and I wonder if your login interface is not parsing them correctly. Can someone assist with this? I don’t want to have to search manually. Thanks.

  209. Aaron says:

    Wow. You guys don’t like criticism I see. Let’s see if this one gets posted or if you’ll delete this posting, too:

    1) Get rid of the Kate Unthink auto-follow. This isn’t Mayspace. We don’t want to follow to the next generation of Tom. I’ll add/follow who I want to add, and not who I want. I tried to unfollow/hide her postinggs, and it won’t let me. What the p-huck?
    2) Get rid of the side tabs. Makes it difficult to see what you’re doing on the left side. Tabs along the top are still “in”, you know.
    3) Get rid of the ticket along the bottom. We might have left FB because of the ticker along the side, but running one along the bottom isn’t any better.
    4) I try to set my privacy settings, but cannot get back to exit out and get back to the main screen if you want to cancel out. Really? Forget an exit strategy?

    • Sabrina says:

      I figured out how to get rid of Kate. I imagine she was placed there to help us out or at least to have a friend to start with. You can go to your Social Streaming section, click on the Friends tab (like you would to invite people) and then see Kate. There’s an arrow with options if you click on it… you can delete her. 🙂

  210. sorornishi says:

    Ok, peeps, this is Beta. Slow page loads and other minor complaints are not really so helpful. I expect to be able to upload my profile picture eventually…that’s just Beta…

    Privacy-wise I object quite strongly that you feel you have the right to know my age, gender and where I live. I consider those items to be none of your business. Sorry, just saying. No social media company has the right to ask this, this is very private information. OK…so ask me to verify that I am over 18…that’s cool.

    Design-wise the thing I absolutely hate is League; the idea that I am going to rate myself is just so cringe-making. League is truly terrible, ghastly.
    Otherwise…the jury is out… not sure about “Premium Businesses” being able to post crappy adverts on my stream, and hate the idea of “Premium Summit Members” too.

    Lastly, this page, the feedback page, is poor. The ability to ‘recommend’ or ‘like’ a post would give you a much better idea of which topics amongst the previous 240 odd are actually common gripes or individual loony ideas.

  211. Brandon Fiscus says:

    I know many people want to leave Facebook, but not everyone or all my friends will. Is there a way to incorporate other social networks or at least your friend list into our Unthink account without them needing to have an Unthink account?

  212. Dijea says:

    I really hate that I have to have my last name showing – is there a way to remove that feature all together? I do all my social media with first name only because I have children. I would appreciate the opportunity to have a screen name like twitter that is more of my choosing than being forced to show my last name.

  213. Brooks says:

    Bug in Albums

    Good job and good start. I’ve signed up, logged in and explored. The suitcase worked fine for importing images. I’m in single view with one image and all of my options are on the right, but the Move to Album isn’t working. It won’t let me select another album to move to. Also, I have 5 images in the Unorganized Album. It let me delete one, but the rest are stuck. It says there needs to be at least one image in the album. There are 4, so 3 should delete?

  214. The introductory video is too babyish, there’s only male and female for gender (we’ve *been* through all this with Facebook over the summer). For the rest, too much to assimilate to make any useful ciriticism.

    I *do* tlike the way very little information is actually obligatory, though. That’s good.

    PS Try enabling “like” options for comments on the blog. That way people can vote for what they agree with, rather than having to post as well.

  215. Sabrina says:

    Just sent my invites but a couple of my friends are having problems using them. Server Errors and Invite code does not match E-mail are two of the issues. Thoughts on fixing it?

  216. Daniel Ben-Ari says:

    1) Photos can only be viewed to max of 3×5… Options should include to view the photos larger…
    2) Sign in should be “HTTPS” security protocal to insure no one can hack into individual accounts.

  217. FooBar says:

    Goodness.. This site really is not going to last. They basically ripped off the features of Google+ by designing the different streams of personal, social, business, etc. And apparently they must of hired 3rd rate developers because the Information Architecture is horrendous. Once you get into the application, it looks like a website from 1990.. Good luck unthink. If you’re going to succeed, you might want to hire a real tech team.

  218. The header and footer are annoying. The header especially is far, FAR too big. I get it, “Unthink” is the brand. Don’t shove it down peoples throats. You’re being far too intrusive.

  219. Maurice Ross says:

    Home Team!!!!!!!!!!! Looks Great and original…I’m in….so when u get ur new office mansion..”let me get a job in mail room or kitchen i’m a great cook”

    F.Y.I. my son is a genius

  220. Pete says:

    Initial account creation went well, the import from FB was speedy.

    One thing I’d like to see is being able to set a profile picture from an album. It seems at this point the only option is to upload a photo, if someone is on a portable device they probably don’t have any pictures to upload.

    Looking forward to using this!

  221. Matt Gee says:

    OK, I got my pictures from Facebook over here. I like the gallery that Unthink uses, its different.
    Now I just need to play around with it and because its in beta be patient with the process.

  222. Sabrina says:

    Invites are being sent… but they’re not working. The people that want to give this a shot are really not happy about not being able to access the site when they clearly got an invite. UNTHINK- If you can’t handle the invites right now and aren’t able to actually grant them…. stop allowing us to invite people.

  223. Abdul Majid says:

    The drop down list on registration page gives wrong city names for the Maldives. I dont see why you need to have a drop down list for city names. The capital city of Maldives is called Male’. However its not on the list. We are not allowed to enter anything other than from the list.

    Abdul Majid.

  224. Darren says:

    A good idea might be to create an Instant message service. This is something I use frequently with facebook.

  225. liz b. says:

    *i’d like to view my profile as others see it. is that possible?

    *emancipation suitcase not working (i doubt this is not a new feedback).

    *people i know are on here are not coming up search…and i’ve verified that they have their profiles set as widely open as possible.

  226. UNTHINK says:

    This issue has been addressed.

    • Which issue? Is there a way to “submit a claim?” if you were to issue “work tickets,” the issues addressed here could more easily be tracked and resolved. A message board style feedback site may help with this. You could categorize the main page with sub-groups of “link errors,” “bugs,” “navigation errors,” etc. this may help you streamline your data collection and error reporting.

    • Sabrina says:

      Which issue? It seems there are several. Is there a work around for why people’s invites aren’t working? I’ve been sitting here trying to troubleshoot all day. They’ve even tried to say “forgot password” with no e-mail back yet. I’m surprised with such a newly released product there isn’t more feedback regarding the issues from UNTHINK’s staff on here or elsewhere. Where is the help/frequently asked questions/getting started/terminology sections? I hope we see something soon. Thanks! 🙂

      • Judy Ann says:

        The lack of Help is the BIGGEST thorn in my side. If we have signed up, we don’t need to see more promotional videos! I mean really. I also DO NOT want to watch cheezy general help videos!! Give me an index with a search option that lists the step-by-step instructions on the “where and how” to do something: it’s faster, for everybody.

        If I was creating this site, that would be one of the FIRST things tackled.

    • Graham P Davis says:

      What issue?! “This issue has been addressed,” posted on the 27th, now appears directly after my posting of 1st November so presumably isn’t that.

      My post was at 1400 GMT, not 1000 am. What’s that about? Are we on some USA time-zone?

  227. asdfg098 says:

    Just signed up with my invite, and one thing that occurred to me while filling out my basic information during the 5 step setup was: not everyone will identify as ‘Male’ and ‘Female’. Since it would be impossible not to end up excluding someone with a dropdown/checkbox, why not make this a simple text field?

    Gender: ___________

  228. Just a small bug here:
    A user responded to another user’s post on a photo and the response showed up in another user’s Social Stream as well as mine. It appears as if there are still bugs when tagging individuals on specific posts. (This is why it is still BETA, so we can find these errors for the programming teams. Keep up the great work, guys. I LOVE THE SITE!)

  229. tcc says:

    Color and theme options would be nice, and the option to hide your address/hometown because internet stalking is very serious! I left Facebook and myspace because of that very issue.

  230. ThirstyJon says:

    The Lifestyle section says “This is your ANONYMOUS Lifestyle Profile. To make it impossible for anyone to identify you personally, your Lifestyle Profile is never displayed as part of your Suite.”

    Yet, I can type in my profile in a browser in which I am NOT logged in and I can see that section. Whuttup wit dat??

  231. MMcA says:

    Can’t get FB import to work, but I’ll keep trying.

    Immediately obvious though: WAY too cluttered, folks. Plenty of stuff that doesn’t need to be there – it’s not the cockpit of the space shuttle.

    Lose the huge header, iBelieve, the tree (?) and the ticker. (No point in advertising to people already signed up!)

    Clean, simple interface required. Imagine the spirito de Steve Jobs has to sign off on it…

  232. Franck Commonsens says:

    Afternoon Unthink! and Unthinkers!

    I will spare you another complaint about how slllllooooooooooww the site is, even if I have monster computer with the highest internet access available on the market; I blame it on the fact it is Beta and that, well, we are a whole gang rushing in at the same time! LOL!

    So instead, I will tell you how I see the site so far and some suggestions, if I may:

    2 major issues that basically render, for me and my friends, the entire site useless:

    1) NO abilities to write complete notes/pages and organize them in a folder, a corner or whatever. !UNTHINK is all about sharing…but not just mindless chit-chat. What will be GREAT is the ability to write rich documents in words and be able to post them permanently in a clear and “up there” suite, box etc …an “!Communicate”, ‘!notes”, “!documents” or “!manifesto” or whatever you want to call it. Especially because there is also a professional channel, wont that make sens that one wants to “upload” his/her resume and make it individually available to a particular group, channel or person? Of course!! So why not create such box and the ability to make every single documents individually available according to specific channels?

    2) Photos. There you blew it big time! Not only it is WAY too small but even the resolution is terrible! I take professional HD pictures and when I see them on !Unthink, it seams that they have be taken by a monkey with an cell phone as they are blurry, small…horrible!
    Quite frankly, see how the marketing display of !Unthink was, I believed that an emphasis will be placed on visual effects and promotion of rich , full scale media….well…so far, the site/page looks right now nothing more but as a glorified 1990 chat room.

  233. First Advice: open source your code and let programmers collaborate. I can volunteer 20 hours a month.

    Second Advice: make your website interoperable. I should be able to communicate with other relevant social networks, take my data and hosted it on my own website (an interface with unthink), communicate with others via simple API.

    The true social revolution will come when I have the option to own and host my own social data, and still communicate with other social networks.

  234. ThirstyJon says:

    How do I get verified??

  235. anthony says:

    Done mine though mobile phone won’t let me upload photo won’t let me click button for privacy settings when I go on edit the screen goes darker and doesn’t let me press anything

  236. Stan says:

    I’ve tried out Google+, and one large problem there is not being able to find people of interest or acquaintance. An advanced search option is needed, otherwise it’s a shot in the dark to find people to connect with.

  237. Vibhu Varshney says:

    I like your effort on this social networking site. Its unique i must say but still some more efforts needed specially on updates,action n help button……if someone ask me to rate this site i will rate it 7-8 out of 10…….!!


  238. The design is a little rough. I don’t really see the point in having 12 boxes on your home screen (even though you can ‘minimize’ them). All of the streams should be streamlined (see what i did there?).

    For the about box (the one that shows your pic)…I think there is duplicate information there that could be consolidated. For example, it lists my network/city in each tab. I couldn’t even find a place that would let me change my network. Also, if you happen to use the same default pic for each profile type then the left side of the about box could be thrown in a popup/tool-tip which would reduce space.

    As far as the “My Network” box goes…There shouldn’t be two tabs to list your friends and followers. Really, there should be one list of people with an indicator of the type of person they are to you.

    I think it would make for a better UX if you could somehow combine all of the streams into one. You could have each stream update color coded somehow (or maybe with a simple icon) that indicates “public”, “professional”, “etc”. It just seems too confusing to have 4 different areas to post and check your streams.

    Alternatively, you can reduce the clutter is by possibly integrating something similar to the updates tab on the left (that shows the different streams) so that it will change your entire page to “Social” if you were to click on that option. You could also make it where you can hide boxes depending on the profile type you are in (for example, i don’t really want to see my ‘iBELIEVE’ box in my professional profile).

    I do love what you guys are doing though. I’m really rooting for you guys! Taking on other social giants takes balls and I’m glad to be apart of the infant stages. Good Luck!!!

  239. Tanya says:

    I’ve now transferred “all” media from Facebook – I selected both photos and videos but it appears to simply have ignored the videos. Saying that .. it also said it would send me an email when all media had been copied over, and I’ve not seen that yet, so perhaps its still doing it.

    I would suggest that:

    (a) (Single) Clicking on an album would take you into the album itself, complete with a thumbnail layout of all photos in the album.

    (b) (Single) clicking on a thumbnail of a photo would bring up a full sized image.

    Currently (unless its simply because it is being very slow), interacting with photos is very counter-intuitive. Check out how Facebook does it!

    I realise it is probably a busy time for Unthink, but as we are here apparently to help beta test, we should really have a better way of communicating problems, concerns and bugs. Leaving a long list of different comments is a nightmare to keep track of (especially as people start replying to other messages within the comment list) and one post from Unthink stating, rather cryptically “this has been addressed”, that doesn’t seem to relate to any specific post, is not really adequate.

    • Tanya says:

      Gah .. and why, when I filled in the “reply” box right at the bottom, did it feel the urge to stick my comment most definately NOT at the bottom? Still .. it proves my point that this is a silly way to garner feedback effectively.

      • John says:

        One question to that is, with transferring all your info off facebook, I thought the idea of this was to keep everything in your control, the minute you got facebook involved you lost control again of everything, so basically, what is the point of joining unthink, if you are just going to use it for running facebook through it….dont understand that….I cant see anything on unthink, that isnt on facebook…..I have a profile on unthink, but I am trying to work out how to actually use it, because really, you dont have control……

      • Sabrina says:

        Yes, you do have control. You’re not running Facebook through Unthink. It’s just letting you upload your media so you don’t have to go through it all individually all over again….

  240. David Murphy says:

    action controls on the “in the loop” box, right side of page, drop down menu button and control buttons may be too close together. (menus are interfering with each other)

  241. Dylan said it Best: “They Will Stone You” ……………
    I think it’s Great, you are going up against “Giants”! UNTHINK has my support, everything will get smoothed out for the long haul, thankful to start the journey with you.

    Something to keep in mind for the Marketing Dept.:
    Do you thing it’s wise to use that much “Revolutionary” verbiage on the WebSite with what’s going on in the World right now? Might scare some folk’s and their Businesses / Brands away with word association. Last thing you need in the next few months is to show up on a poster in front of a Riot or overturned burning car. ……on the other hand, your timing may be perfect.

    Hang in there,

  242. Roger says:

    Would it be possible to make it able to link twitter and facebook to your Unthink account so that the people you know that wont change can still see what you post.

  243. Elizabeth says:

    I am unable to find my friends. I know they’re here; I type their name into the “Find on Unthink,” and I get the response “user unknown.” Bummer. It’s like I’m the tree in the forest falling with no one to hear it. 😦

  244. Roger says:

    Also is there a privet chat where you can chat with just one friend or a certian group of friends.

  245. Cat says:

    HI, love the site so far. One thing though, when I hover over the tree a speech bubble pops up to the side. Most of it is off screen and a scroll bar appears at the bottom of the screen, but ofcourse to go to the scroll bar I have to stop hovering on the tree, at which point the bubble and bar disappear. I do not want to zoom out because of vision problems etc.
    Does this happen for everyone or is it something to do with me using mozilla? If I have to use ie to get around it I will just live with it lol. But I have no idea what that bubble says!

  246. Steve Durant says:

    I understand it’s in Beta right now, I hope you take all these suggestions and comments into consideration. So far, I have to agree with other posters that the interface is pretty cluttered and a lot of things could stand to be removed.

    THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT TO ME – Most of the people I interact with online are on Facebook and it would be nice if there was an easy way to invite them all with one click (or even two). I don’t have the hundreds of friends’ email addresses handy to import/type in nor the patience to do so. I also uploaded the CSV file from my address book and it didn’t do anything at all after it was done uploading – no prompt or message or anything, it just disappeared. Sounds like a glitch there.

    Someone mentioned a chat/webcam feature would be nice – I agree.

    Overall, I think there is great potential here and hope that the Beta testing doesn’t drag on forever without seeing regular, significant changes/improvements. Otherwise I think your endeavor will go by the wayside. That’s it for now. Thanks.

  247. maholler says:

    I blazed through the 5 step sign up and didn’t want to import anything until I looked around. Now that I am in, i see that it is useless without a full import, but good luck finding that option

  248. Amy Renee Leiker says:

    This might be trivial, but does it annoy anyone else that the profile pic is a prescribed size? I LOVE Facebook’s option to use a photo in it’s entire, original size. Recommended, Unthink.

  249. Mentioned earlier, but resolution for site seems to high (doesn’t display right on 1024×600 netbook), can’t seem to unfollow Kate, and we can only enter in one hashtag per post? Would also love to get rid of some of these widgets.

  250. In Professional Profiles, in the Links box on the right side: It forces the user to use www in their web address. Many website owners are no longer using the www and users don’t want half their links with and half without – not good at all. Please correct to allow the user to make the choice.

    Also echoing other comments – needs a help section. I spent too long trying to figure out how to invite people. If I hadn’t already agree to invite certain people I would have given up.

    I don’t draw a distinct line between personal and professional so wanted to use same photo and bio for both but saw no place to duplicate it and had to upload photo again and copy/paste all the info. This could be easier, like adding a checkbox similar to what online stores use (billing and shipping address the same.) Thanks!!

    • Rebecca~ same for me, there is no difference between Work and Play. Don’t know anyone who uses WWW. I have a large group of invites in the Environmental Arts World – trying to figure out how to invite “Bulk”? ……….

  251. Daniel Antal says:

    The Emancipation Suite did not work for me at any stage. I think this is a very major issue. F.e. I wanted to import my photos, and I will never be able to upload them from my desktop, I do not store them on any desktops out of which many I used over the years.

  252. Nele Verschueren says:

    Can I import my contacts from Linkedin into Unthink?

  253. Saurabh says:

    fucking slow and irritating

  254. Ace says:

    I always get my browser stuck, and the navigation is complicated.
    I’m finding the “edit my profile picture” and makes me a headache reading so many words.

  255. Ali Tanveer says:
    Rocking start but still million miles to go. Changing a mind is most probably the toughest thing ever had been… I mean people are no more favoring an idea to leave Facebook/Google+. Uptil now sponsors have not been identified. Plus point for this media is different Display picture for Different platform ❤
    BUT fault lies in loading of each page, taking longer time, heavy stuff than usual…
    Ali Tanveer,

  256. There’s needs to be a way to edit posts. There are times that my brain is so far ahead of my typing that it cannot keep up. 🙂 Just sayin’.

  257. Robert says:

    Lot’s of potential here I believe.

    It would be nice if a #hash could be connected to a link post to gather all the links in one category, maybe there is another way to do this?

  258. Ottmar says:

    Hello Unthink Team,
    I like the style and the concept of unthink. … ok it’s slow … but there is another thing: the layout dosen’t run at my iPad. The Bottom news ticker is in the middle of the screen. …

  259. Graham P Davis says:

    I am having no success with “upload media”. I tried “click here to upload multiple photos,” clicked “choose file” and chose some files. The “upload photos” box then extends to include some extra instructions and an “upload file” button. As no files have appeared in the box above it, I suppose that explains why I get “no files selected” if I click on that button. At least the “cancel” button works.

    I uploaded my photo for my profile OK but this “upload media” section isn’t working for me.

  260. Sabrina says:

    Will you lose everything on Facebook by using the Emancipation Suitcase or is it just a copying process?

    • Sabrina says:

      To clarify- My issue has not been addressed. I don’t know why there is an UNTHINK message in the middle of the message board or why my message is in the middle of the message board instead of at the end….

    • Matt Gee says:

      Sabrina its just a copy process. I have my pictures still on facebook that I migrated here.

  261. CosmoChick says:

    from the perspective who works in the sofware industry, something seems very obvious to me here: you were stuck in your offices for 4 years trying to make this perfect and came out all in one go… with so much stuff that it’s overwhelming. why not roll out something initially much simpler, without a million bells and whistles that one has to click on the realize it doesn’t work yet? adoption rate would be way faster.

    If things like the “livestyle” box are not yet available, why put it there? give it to us later, once it’s ready and use it as a chance to promote it with a video or help on how it works and what u can do with it. And why put it ABOVE the professional box that IS available?

    i mean, seriously, what is a lifestyle tree??? i guess until i do more with unthink, i won’t find out, but if that’s the case, then why put the picture of a tree that doesn’t do anything on a major part of my sidebar? either explain to me how i can make this do something, or give me the chance to unlock a tree with a special promotional game, or something…

    the site is slow, that’s ok, no problem, but the fact that you require full page refresh on certain actions is innaceptable in 2011 with the amount of web technologies that exist that allow for sections only to refresh (which you do in certain areas).

    and finally, major usability issues. Everything i look at or am about to click on, i should be able to visually understand what it will do. using buzz words like ‘suite”, “stage”, “iUnthink” and stuff is not helping me, it’s not “cool”, it’s just confusing.especially when you offer NO help. help should not be a luxury or something you offer ONCE everything else is done, it is an integral part of a delivery. Promotional videos don’t help us much, we signed up already, we don’t need you to promote the tool to us with conceptual videos!!!

    The idea is great guys, but ur team is missing a usability review. sometimes, not coming up for air for 4 years to see how the world has changed is not useful…

    good luck guys, i’ll hang on, but only for a while!

    • msremmell says:

      Thank you for putting it so succinctly! I find it to be unwieldy with a lot of bells and whistles that I don’t need yet. Today I figured out if you click on the four dots in center of the upper third of the page, you can switch between your social, professional, and other … whateveryoucallits. For what it’s worth, fortunately or unfortunately, Facebook has made some things part of our muscle memory and part of our lexicon and users won’t like making the change, no matter how socially responsible they may be. I think Unthink needs to unthink some things (I won’t go so far as to say “dumb it down”).
      I also think they need to hire me as I just moved to the area and I’m awesome with words.

  262. JIM says:

    PLEASE STOP THE EMAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CLOSED MY ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PLEASE STOP THE EMAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CLOSED MY ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PLEASE STOP THE EMAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CLOSED MY ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Matt Gee says:

      Here is a solution that anyone else can use. I too got 200+ emails after I posted feedback. But I didn’t blame Unthink or close my account. Look at the bottom of this feedback post. It shows two boxes, don’t check them and there won’t be any emails in your box. That is what I did and no more emails. And besides, as one person pointed out, the emails come from WordPress not from Unthink.

  263. Allow for more people to indicate more than one option in the League section.

  264. wys35 says:

    Uploaded photos have to conform to a certain proportion, it is somewhat inconvenient. Think it’s better for the system to handle that.

  265. Need to be able to change profile picture with one that is among my albums on Unthink rather than just the option of pulling it off my C drive or Network drive. This is a pretty basic feature on FB that I believe most people would expect.

  266. Adrienne says:

    When filling out my Places, I found it a bit tedious to have to scroll down to the bottom of the country list each time I added a city or school. Could that feature perhaps remember previously selected countries and states and put them at the top of the list, just for the sake of convenience? Thanks.

  267. mohammed says:

    my country is not in the list Jordan please add it

  268. Ken Stoltz says:

    HI there—I assume you are aware…..but the site is really S-L-O-W.

    hang in there!

  269. First Time User says:

    Agreed, Need ‘Only Me’ permissions on stuff. Also, default for pics should not be ‘all unthinkers’ or better yet, have it in setting what you start them all at and change each one individually.

  270. is there a way to delete a post that someone put on my wall? My only choices are reply, echo, hide and something else but not delete. I chose hide but I can still see it. Is there a way to delete it from my view? Or does the person who posted on my wall have to delete it on there end?

  271. ThirstyJon says:

    I keep getting logged out for no apparent reason while browsing profiles.

  272. ThirstyJon says:

    Here is a suggestion: Put a couple of check boxes next to each box for status updates that say something like “add to social stream” and “add to professional stream” so that you don’t have to copy and paste your updates in cases where you want to update more than one of your streams.

  273. Matt Gee says:

    It is amazing to me how everyone wants everything all at once. Like passing when you don’t need to just to save 30 seconds. I have not even considered inviting anyone until things get worked out. But I seem to have some patience in this whole process.

  274. Jia-Jun Chen says:

    Here is my another thinking:
    There is a little vision problem about the LOGO bar.
    Because most Monitors in our life are wide type.
    We should scroll mouse to find what we want.
    But the LOGO bar is so solid and reduce the space pages can display.
    How about minimizing the LOGO bar or designing in another way?
    I think FB and G+ have done.

  275. I saw a mention of this earlier, but UNTHINK seems to be eating a lot of CPU (around 50% on my netbook) and a fair amount of RAM (50MB.) Not sure if it’s the ticker, or something else. Using Chromium 15 for my browser.

    Is there a forum–say, GetSatisfaction, where we could more easily discuss issues?

    • Matt Gee says:

      Henson, you could try cleaning out some gunk that may be taking up RAM. Like defrag and, if you want to, cleaning out the registry. There are some free programs that you can search for that will help clean out other stuff. For instance, the programs from the link on my Unthink profile. 🙂

  276. Anita says:

    A couple (or more) suggestions for whenever you guys can get around to it:

    1– I think the size of the logo bar at the top should be reduced because it takes up too much screen real estate. It would be great if we could get the “re-size” arrows when we scroll over the bottom of the logo area. OR– Why not shrink the logo, and put it in the top menu bar where you have “We are in BETA. Provide FEEDBACK. Find HELP”, or in the news ticker. We know we’re on Unthink, so we don’t need a huge logo to remind us. 😉

    2– How about an option to rearrange the boxes. Too many site owners force their interests above the users’ interests. For example, I should be able to move my media box above “iBelieve”.

    3– It would be great to have an option to “hide” (which would also stop) the ticker.

    4– Start a FAQ page with answers to questions like… “How do I find people?” “Where are the invitation links?” I know how to invite friends, and I’ve found a few people on Unthink, but the process is arduous. (Need help? Hire me and I’ll do it!)

    5– Provide the ability to add outside links in our info box (personal gadget?). Please consider keeping the links “un-linked” to the other tabs so that we can have different links for the social and professional (or lifestyle?) tabs.

    6– Allow users the option to hide their location information if they prefer. To me, this is a privacy issue. (This is showing as hidden under “profile basics”, but is showing visible somewhere else.

    7– Speaking of privacy, allow an “Only me” option across the board, including my city and state.

    8– Start an issues/feedback page, maybe even using one of those feedback sites (like Get Satisfaction). That way, users can post valid issues, others can vote it up, and we can clearly see what has been fixed or is being worked on by how you’ve categorized the posts (being considered, fixed, in progress, etc.)

    9– Consider allowing users to change the color of the title area of the boxes. I love the clean UI, but it would be nice to have a few color options.

    10– The pictures! OMG! Just please redo the whole media thing. Allow us to see all of the pics at one time, and make bulk changes. Please allow us to adjust the size of the pictures window so we can see the list underneath. Being able to hide the ticker and shrink the logo bar area would help.

    11– Allow us to delete others’ posts from our stream.

    *** I see “Suite Views” is coming. ¡Muchas gracias!

    TO USERS: Be patient. The site is in beta for a reason.


  277. Matt Gee says:

    I uploaded my religious web site, which is, and Unthink is saying its invalid. I’m sorry, Unthink, but yes it is a valid web site. I cut and pasted it into
    another tab and it works fine. So I hope Unthink will take care of this. That is too a valid web site. I ask that some in here try out that web site to confirm that it works, that would be much appreciated.

  278. The Chatter Quick Search is still not working. No matter what I type in the search field no results are being displayed.

  279. Wime says:

    Right out the gate I have something for you to think about. I’m currently stationed overseas which would be an FPO or an APO zip code. I’m sure alot of service members will be getting in on this so you may want to set up the Zip codes for Armed services.. My zip for example is 96367 but does not work. Love the idea you guys have going on. Oh and also the facebook incorperation thing doesn’t work…

  280. Mehdi says:

    Please add iran to your list.

  281. Grace says:

    I like cuz its creation and his anti-facebook twitter innovation.
    Personally, i dont think the page is convenient enough to navigate. Tha page is full though it leaves green in my eyes. And the interaction doesnot be active as i have expected or i may mistake the goal of And finally upload slow.
    my email is
    Looking forward to your reply.

  282. Ruthie Rader says:

    Hi. I just joined and so far everything is working pretty well. Except that, for some reason, I can’t upload a photo to use as my profile picture. I try but the wheel just spins… What should I do? Thank you for your help.

  283. Nicolas says:

    It’s too slow to change albums, because you have to wait to the photos to load, and then you can change the album (in the mini-view in profile (the gallery)).

  284. Nicolas says:

    You should be able to move the sqares (i mean, the boxes like: Video Greeting, iBELIEVE, Favorite Photos, etc) to where ever you like and stay that way for you and others.

    • Matt Gee says:

      That is a good point Nicolas. Unthink should look into letting one move things around, and set your page they way you like. That would make it even better.

  285. Kristian says:

    user interface doesnt seem to fit 100% whit 1024×768 and when zooming out to fit, text becomes unreadable. so far my only complaint.

  286. Kurt Tischer says:

    Took several days to receive the notification email that I had entered another email address. 😦

  287. Ken Nunes says:

    UNTHINK is bang on 21st Century ZEITGEIST to me…you guys will have loooooods of success. The (less positive) comments above are (I believe (hope)) a consequence of this success.

    I particularly love the freedom of choosing your suite sponsor or paying for having your own…(at least this is what I interpreted…)

    Also love the fact that it offers me a one stop shop solution of my social media profile…and business…perfect…

    Love the site layout…very wetransfer and extremely easy to navigate. I am sure there will be lot of improvements in the future…

    Congratulations to all involved….

  288. xavi cornet illa says:

    I just start enjoying it…the suitecase worked well and I have my albums from facebook there, otherwise it takes a long long time to look at them. Al the network is still very slow compare to facebook. I love the fact that u have 3kind of profiles and the presentation it s cool.

  289. Wulf C. Krueger says:

    As long as Unthink is not only not answering the very simple question why we should trust them with our data but not even allowing said question to be published, they won’t get any data from me.

  290. Stepheny says:

    I had trouble using my invitation until I finally copy and pasted the number then saw the little *click here if you have an invitation code*, but that literally took me a day and a half to find! I was very frustrated and on the verge of giving up. Now that I’m on, I’m very lonely. I’ve sent out invitations but no one is receiving them. I’m trying to find subjects in the Public search, but it says every subject I search for doesn’t have any posts, even Halloween!!!! Not sure, maybe the search engine isn’t working? I really love the idea, I just would really like to have someone, anyone, to converse with.

    • Ken Eakins II says:

      I’ve sent a lot of invitations as well and did in fact receive one “test” invite I sent to my alternate e-mail but none of the others I’ve sent have gone through. I sent you an invite through the “Find on Unthink” link. Hope it works.

  291. Mahmood says:

    Loving it so far…….Keep it coming!
    I Came across something today which i think may need to be looked into. I did the following:
    I minimized “My Network” and “Media” from the drop down choice available, then
    I maximized the “Professional” window to full screen view. I then minimized the “Professional” window to go back to the previous view, but noticed that my other settings were lost – that is the “My Network” and “Media” windows were back to default and were not minimized as i had left them before maximizing the “professional” window.

    Does that make sense or confuse everyone?

    • Matt Gee says:

      Yes, Mahmood, that makes sense to me. Just another issue to sort out or figure out. One thing I find on here is that it seems some want everything done for them. Then Unthink might as well be just like Facebook. There is something to be said for using our brains and playing around and figuring things out.

  292. Graham P Davis says:

    Still unable to upload photos. Any thoughts as to when this will work?

    • They did find that there was an issue with trying to upload photos with Firefox. It is working with IE and Chrome as far as I can tell.

      • Graham P Davis says:

        Dwayne, I don’t have IE or Chrome but tried Epiphany and that seems to be working. Unfortunately, a .jp2 file (JPEG2000) gets a message to say that it’s not a valid file format.
        Thanks for the help.

  293. Chad Pence says:

    It would be really cool if you could change your profile picture to one in your media gallery, as opposed to having to upload an image from your computer, that may already be in the gallery. Especially in the event your photos were imported from Facebook.

  294. Nak says:

    Setting up four different streams before I can start using the service looks unnecessarily complicated.

  295. Ralph Perez says:

    I “think” the iUnthink, Social, Lifestyle, Business, and Personal windows should just be single pages in the middle column of the suite, with each page providing links to the others. It would provide less scrolling and a cleaner-looking suite. Has anyone else thought of the same thing?

  296. Ben says:

    When trying to send an email invite. Unthink rejected “.name” as a TLD (“Invalid email address”).

  297. Ken Eakins II says:

    Finally got Kate Unthinker and her posts from three weeks ago off my page. Wish I remembered which actions finally did the trick.

  298. So, I just went in and updated my preferences in the “Lifestyle League & Indexes” and it pops up a cartoon avatar based on my shopping preferences. I can’t remove or replace that image with one of my own and now it seems I am forced to have a cartoon avatar permanently on display. PLEASE get rid of the childish avatars/cartoon images. It’s very immature and unprofessional. At a minimum give us an option to NOT have this kiddie artwork displayed on our page. I feel like FB all over again with Unthink forcing unwanted things on our pages. If we truly own the information, give us some control over how we are portrayed and viewed by others.

  299. interacter says:

    If there are any new people to Unthink you may find some of the tips I worked out useful:

    On a different note – I have received a friend request from a contact. However when I click on it in browser, all I get is an error message. When I accept from my phone, I get taken into Unthink (where there are no “Pending Friend Request” type messages) but the contact hasn’t added in any category.

    Do you know why this is?

  300. FS says:

    I posted a comment yesterday and it’s disappeared. So, I’m reposting.

    First, I want so say that I love the UNTHINK concept, dedication to transparency, and the potential I’m seeing in the beta release. Kudos to the programmers for putting together a good foundation for a genuinely thoughtful social networking platform.

    In the spirit of beta testing, here are some of my impressions using the site so far:

    -Generally slow, with some section refreshes stalling (e.g. profile picture editing).

    -Invitations are glitchy; all the people I’ve invited struggled with accepting the invitation. Says one friend: “I don’t know what’s going on but I appear to be having issues with Unthink. I signed up at work and for some reason I can’t login at home. I even asked for password reset and I can’t even get that.” Another one writes: “I keep trying to sign up but it keeps giving me an “invalid email” response.”

    -The interface feels a bit dense. As a result, it’s not intuitively clear where to go to find information like friend requests, etc. I’d much prefer that each stream be given its own page where all information from the stream, loop, and other tabs is accessible at a gland, and have the option to tab between each stream’s page. Having all streams on one page, as i is now, and tabbing between the various components has the same feeling as using software in which features are buried in layers of menus.

    -While the indices for the Lifestyle stream make sense, I’m not sold on the Innovation and Green Indices – I’m not sure what this is supposed to be telling my friends.

    -I’d love to have space dedicated to linking to a website (or websites) of my choosing. I have several blogs and website I’d love to make available to friends (or the public) on my profile.

    -The iBelieve box strikes me as unecessary. Along with some of the indices in the mini-profile box, it comes across as useless information. I’d prefer a bit more white space to unclutter the interface.

    -Uploading, changing, and editing the profile picture is buggy; I often have to reload the page, and sometimes I just can’t get it to work. The image ratio is also strange: a rectangular ratio for the profile box, a square for the thumbnail…controlling how each displays is troublesome.

    -For profile boxes like Relaxing & Communicating and Socializing & Going Out, the distinctions of Love/Hate don’t make any sense to me. I’d rather just have a generic “other” or “notes” box in which I can write what I want without having to classify it as love or hate.

    -I DON’T like the fact that the lifestyle profile is tied to the social profile and that changes in one are reflected in the other. While I can appreciate the fact that the lifestyle profile is anonymous, there is some information that I want to share with friends that I don’t want to share with brands, even anonymously. If it comes down to not filling out the lifestyle & demographics section with information I don’t want available to brands, even at the expense of denying friends information they might find interesting, then I’d choose not to share. If the “anonymous Lifestyle Profile” is to be a tool you I can use to “guide brands to provide [me] with updates, offers, rewards, deals, products and services that are more tailored to [my]interests” then I want full control.

    -I’d love to be able to use different names for different streams. For example, a nickname for my social stream, my real name for the professional stream, a handle for the lifestyle stream…or whatever else I might want to do. It’s entirely fair that we have to use our real name to register an account; but I think we should be able to choose how we call ourselves in the various streams.

    -Quibble: I find the grey colour scheme to be rather dreary.

    To end on a positive note, I think you’re on the right track with good ideas and the beginning of a good user experience. I’m looking forward to watching UNTHINK evolve into its official public release form and making UNTHINK my home away from Facebook.

  301. This site is the biggest POS since the Ford Pinto says:

    I found the site extremely cumbersome, hard to use, and navigate. I got very frustrated trying to locate even the most simple of tools and tasks. I can’t imagine trying to get my mom to use and understand it. The interface needs a complete overhaul to make it much less busy and cluttered. Steps should be taken to streamline the process to make it more simple and friendly. The current site looks and acts like the backend management area of a complex CMS, which is essentially what it is. I’ll be deleting my account and praying that my information has been deleted from your servers.

  302. Gray says:

    When adding multiple entries to a list, for example, “Cities I’ve lived in,” provide the option to reorder entries.

  303. John B says:

    Minor issue:
    I received a friend request and when I logged in and clicked to see who it was, nothing showed up… until I realized, I was at the bottom of the page and had to scroll up to see the request. The browser jitters as if it’s trying to go all the way up, but it doesn’t quite make it.

    Chrome 14.0 / Win 7 64bit

  304. Greg says:

    Why would you frustrate new users that have an INVITE by making them try everything before they finally try “Problems with sign up? Click here” to get started with trying out UnThink?

    You changed the wording since I received my INVITE, and even then I missed it at first because it was in tiny letters below the SIGN UP box. I believe, at that time, it said “If you have an invitation Click Here”.

    We know you’re in Beta so making changes shouldn’t create more confusion (If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it) lol

    Maybe a smaller box below SIGN UP simply saying “Invited?” (Click Here Implied) inside would be a better idea?

    The instructions a prospective guest receives in their INVITE is also wrong because it states: “Go to and sign-up. You will be prompted to enter your invite code: ”

    A Guest entering UnThink for the first time, with their new INVITE, should feel welcomed.

    Hope this helps to make UnThink better and smooths the path to going PUBLIC soon!


  305. Dennis says:

    Before even really trying out I stopped, just because it’s incredibly slow 😦
    I think that’s the first thing to fix, if you want to unthink…

  306. Unthink is unable to import friends from google apps accounts. It says “Invalid email address”

  307. Nicolas says:

    Im from Argentina, we use the “ñ” character, and when i upload my photos from facebook, i had an album named “Cumpleaños” (it means Birthday) now is called “Cumpleaos”.
    And the albums named “Enmancipation suitcase”, “Profesional” and “Social”, etc, are annoying because, i dont want that they be shown in the gallery because they dont have any picture, except for the title itself, and i dont want to be a default thing to be shown.

    (Excuse my english, like i said, im from Argentina)

    Thanks a lot

    • Fabiana says:

      A mi me gustaría también tener la opción de utilizarlo en castellano,como en otras redes.

      • Nicolas says:

        Todo a su tiempo. Pensemos que esta en un estado BETA, entonces hasta que no salga la oficial no van a traducir a otros idiomas. Una vez que esta todo terminado, ahi si.

  308. Chad Pence says:

    Another thing I would like to see is that when I change the privacy settings of an album, the privacy settings for the media in that album should be set to the album level as well, or at least the option to set all images to the same privacy settings as the album. I also do no like how the edit privacy feature is not working when I try to set an image to custom privacy.

  309. trininox says:


    Please get a real means of bug tracking and or feedback, this WordPress idea is horrible.
    Plenty of solutions out there are open source and free! Take your pick.
    Bugzilla, Mantis, Trac… The list goes on.

    You are only generating more issues for yourselves with inexperienced users directing them to come here to place feedback and getting swamped with emails and other complaints about privacy for feedback.

    Good luck to you, hopefully at least the legitimate posts here are not falling on deaf ears.

  310. Birch Wind says:

    Okay, heads up people, beta is NOT an excuse for the current state of Unthink. I am a user of two Alpha social platforms, Diaspora (yes people, it is open, go to and Friendika. These platforms out perforrm Unthink on every level. Diaspora especially. The Unthink UI is horrible, it looks like it was tossed together a decade ago and left there. It is cluttered, slow, constant stream of text across the bottom, mandatory gender, mandatory city – where’s the privacy? 20+ questions to answer, or have your ‘index meter’ remain empty. Having to chose a slogan… what the heck, you expect people to give up one sort of ‘box’ for another? I really don’t see any of the ‘freedom’ or other bonuses that were touted in the propaganda videos. To me it looks like a poorly disguised Ad Target platform.
    I am very disappointed.
    The story about ‘mom was worried about her son’s privacy and created unthink’ sounds like a fable to me. Seeing the work that has gone into these other sites I mentioned, many hours of labour, with input from the whole community (joys of open-source) I am pretty sure that Unthink was the work of paid corporate types (we know it IS a corporation, they never hid that) and poorly qualified ones at that.
    No personalization, no way to let your personality shine through… just an inflated UI with insanely inflated code.
    PLEASE REthink Unthink.
    BETA is NOT an excuse for this…. Alpha? maybe… but not Beta! For all you people who are so in love with unthink, you really haven’t explored the options much have you?
    Don’t UNthink…. THINK. Think outside the box!

  311. Tanya says:

    Professional stream > edit … doesn’t appear to be any way out of the options from there on, other than the “back” button on the browser.

    Still not happy about this being the only way to provide feedback. If we can’t have forums set up, could we not have an @ address to send stuff too direct from our own unthink pages?

  312. Anita says:

    ANOTHER SUGGESTION: Open up the character limit for posts. Google+ started this, and gross facebook followed suit. G+ is ahead by allowing formatting & post-sharing editing! 250 characters is not enough, and it’s outdated! Updates are far too limited.

    Get a REAL Help and Support area, and respond to people. Your site can be great all day, but if users are ignored, you’re not going to get anywhere.

    !!!!Use for real feedback and suggestions. We don’t even know if anyone is really looking at or considering the suggestions we make here. Please read my suggestions above dated October 30, 2011 at 8:00 pm, and the other great suggestions here. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t want to see this work, and have access to a great network.

  313. Sean says:

    Nice work. But as the world is becoming more mobile-oriented (who knew we’d hate ‘lugging our laptops’ around one day), please make the site mobile-friendly. No flash, larger and consistant buttons, etc.

    Not worried about the speed – it’s BETA, so I’m sure that’ll be fixed first.

    Thanks for what you’ve done so far. Can also really invigorate the brand by invigorating the users. Just ask Apple.

  314. Austin S. says:

    Having trouble adding people to follow/be friends with. The site is showing that there is a notification, but then shows no person =[

    Also the notification thing on the side when accessed on the main suite page goes behind all the things instead of in front making it hard to access it.

  315. amaDeus says:

    Por favor consideren ofrecer vuestro excelente servicio en idioma castellano, muchas gracias.
    Estan realizando un gran trabajo, ¡felicitaciones!

  316. KM Marks says:

    HATE the iBelieve.. Maybe make it so it can be more customized. I don’t like any of the sayings. Too mystic and serious. I want to say what I want to say – make it so I can type my own things in iBelieve.
    Video in beginning when you first sign up is horrible. Lose the cheesiness. More info on how to actually navigate everything would be helpful.
    SO slow. That alone is enough to ruin this site.
    THANK YOU for the dislike option for posts.
    Why is the layout of this site so wide?

    Sorry, I think this has a ways to go to be competitive with Facebook…

  317. I entered the right login name and password for my e-mail, and yet, it told me that I entered invalid information, and refused to use my contacts to find people.

    I can’t update my profile page from the photos that I imported from Facebook. What was the point of importing them, then?

    Why in the name of God do I have three status update sections?

  318. Jacob Daniel says:

    Please take it easy on the push for “Green” not everyone that wants to get away from Facebook is like that and will drive them back to FB. But I’m waiting for final changes for unthink expecting this change. Also, please make the font a little larger, it’s not making it fun and easy to read. lol and add some masculine features! haha other than that great job guys

  319. thideth says:

    Wowwowowow! I really like this page. One more thing UNTHINK still does not have enough is this page take me longer time to access than G+ and FACEBOOK.

  320. Love the concept and the style, but many things seem to be “difficult” to do – hope they are better once you get past beta! And the lack of any help screens REALLY makes it hard work – a lot of guess work and shouting at the screen.
    Here is this mornings Issue – On my profile page there is a space for favorite photos, and a link to the media page to find one. OK so I followed the link, found a pic I wanted to mark as favorite – but have not one clue as to how to mark it!

  321. in what ways this is different from facebook and g+? dont get it

  322. Paul says:

    Having joined the other day, I do realise that this is in Beta, but adding friends is a nightmare, I have tried 3 times t add friends, but no such luck, I did manage to add the photos and such from Facebook.
    There needs to be an easier way to do this, also the site does seem to be very slow.

  323. boksiora says:

    I didnt understand ANYTHING of this new network. Cant find how to use it

  324. Fabiana says:


  325. Fabiana says:


  326. Ther would be good if we could search for people by country, city or else, so a little more complex search field would be nice, because there are many people I know and I don’t want to search for all of them one by one to see if they are on Unthink or not…

  327. Nick says:

    Just getting started but it looks very interesting. I look forward to when it’s more developed. I’m hoping that my favorite social, political and non-profit orgs that I follow will be on here soon so I can get streams from them about news and updates. Maybe it can do that already, I’ve only been on here for a few hours. So far no problems though, facebook migrated well and surprisingly quickly given my 1000+ photos/videos. All and all good start.

  328. Hi, nice site!

    I like option for several profiles targeted to diferent groups.Existing profiles are good but they all should be private except for targeted group (selected people).

    It would be good that there is option for general profile which we can always make public to all, and do not provide sensitive data, so people can easily find us. After one finds me, I would happily allow him access to apropriate profiles of mine.

  329. Horacio AC. says:

    The control panel on the left side not shown in the Opera browser.
    Problems with Javascript when I update my address information.

    Great job, I wish them well !!!

  330. Shawn says:

    I like the idea of a true alternative to Facebook… cheers for that!

    I understand Beta testing but having a hard time doing even the simplest of tasks on here and I’m computer savvy (can’t imagine a Grandma trying to figure out your set up).

    You’ll have to do a bit better before I switch from the evil FB but I’m wishing you good luck…

  331. Art Held says:

    Your security settings change screen won’t fit on a standard 1024×768 screen with two rows of tabs open in firefox. I have to go into F11/fullscreen to hit the SAVE option. There is also no “Cancel” option if I don’t want to change, just exit.

    This blog screws up on a guest comment – says Name /address not given when it was.

  332. robert o sletto says:

    iPad, iPhone/iPod app please. that would be wonderful

  333. Interesting initiative. I’m looking forward to testing Unthink for a while. But, I don’t want to spam all of my contacts unless I’m sure that I’d like to settle on Unthink. I’d like to experience this place for a while and invite more people if I like what I see. So it would be great if you can provide some way for new users to experience interacting with the Unthink community.

    As for the design, it’s mostly aesthetically pleasing. But the presence of numerous boxes creates discord (looks like iGoogle or MyYahoo layout!). It would be much nicer to have a flowing layout than having so many “hard” boxes.

  334. Amy says:

    Hi, I love it! Quick question, I see I can have different lifestyle, social and professional profile pictures. Can I have a profile pic that’s for iunthink?

  335. The site it’s a bit slow.
    I’ll come back with details

  336. matias says:

    no esta en la versión español me gustaría conocerlo pero en realidad no le entiendo mucho 😦

  337. swamp thing says:

    The lack of any real support is what will kill this site. Posting beta issues on a blog is not an acceptable way to handle issues. No one knows if an issue has already been raised and if so what the responses are to that issue. I see one posting in here from unthink saying issues resolved…. WHAT ISSUE?? Get real unthink. You have to do better if you want to keep anyone around here. I love the idea but it’s growing old very fast.

  338. İ like unthink but it’s very new and beta.
    İ see videos are very slowly,and capacity is very little(100mb).and menü is fixed.
    I am wait turkish translation.
    Good luck

  339. Oran Bilsen says:

    Hi guys,
    You have the wrong city directory loaded for Malaysia. When I try to register Kuala Lumpur (the capital) as my city of residence, it loads a whole load of street names with Kuala Lumpur in the name.
    Eventually I gave in and my ‘city’ is now Kuala Lumpur Magistrates Court. I’m not Malaysian…better change it quick..most Malaysians won’t bother with a website that doesn’t let them register their true town…

  340. mohamed albakry says:

    im from egypt and im egyption
    i didnt find egypt in contry and i have to chose tunise
    how egypt forgeitn ?

  341. raj singh tanwar says:

    its very difficult to share videos and pics and sometimes it takes too much time. when u guys will come with a finished product coz unthink looks interesting but its not working that much interestingly .

  342. I like the concept, but you wanted feedback, so here it is, in no particular order:
    *The media albums & photos are horrible to navigate! I don’t want to go through every single picture in every single album to find the one I’m after!
    *The directional arrows (to correct spelling or change what you want to say) don’t function in the status bar when I type something there. Completely annoying!
    *There is way too much STUFF on the page – and nothing is movable – let us rearrange/remove the widgets as we see fit.
    *Would it hurt to have more color options, or background options? Monotony is not a virtue…
    *Why no real help or FAQ area? Arghh!
    *Why can’t other social media (twitter, facebook, greenface, google+, etc) be linked to this one? Not horribly social, otherwise.

    And those are just the things I noticed in the first 15 minute visit…

  343. Nicola1981 says:

    I wouldn’t personally have chose such a name for a social network…though I like the foundations of I consider myself not an unthinker…still I may got it wrongly. A part from that,I will definitely support it!

  344. Gabi says:

    So, let’s say you (very happily) become an Unthinker but then, almost none of your friends is interested in joining you because they’re already tired of the whole thing (they have Facebook, Twitter, G+, Diaspora*, etc. accounts). How and where does one find other Unthinkers interested in sharing at least their social profile and start communicating? Maybe even categorized by interests or things in common?
    If such thing exists, could anyone point me to it? Thanks!

  345. Rob Hampton says:

    ADDING someone with an existing unthink account seems impossible. My wife and I both have accounts but can’t figure out how to add each other. I know how to invite, but that then requires sign up. Also searched for her and says “user not found” This is VERY difficult and should be simplified. Unless I’m an idiot and just not seeing something? any help?

  346. gabester says:

    Photo albums imported from Facebook ended up being all public. When you edit the privacy settings for an album, you should be able to make the changes apply to the whole album, but right now you have to go photo-by-photo, which takes forever. The default should be that changes are applied to the whole album.

  347. Anne says:

    How can i look for people in my network, town, area?

  348. Bill says:

    This is a ridiculous way to do feedback. Anyway, the sign up is just way too difficult — the friends I gave invitations to, say they just couldn’t manage to get it done, even though half of them are above the American average in tech savvy. (Even after I got my code from you guys, it drove me batshit insane that I couldn’t just log in, nor could I click “register”…I had to find that little link on the ugly splash page over on the left that said something like, “got a registration code?”)

    The lack of response makes me think you guys were expecting kudos and are now sulking because everyone is telling you that the design is cluttered, ugly, bewildering, etc. I know you probably think we’re all dumb because we “don’t get it” but here, here’s a tissue, blow your nose, and fix.

  349. Ken says:

    I just wanted to let you know that Unthink does not work properly in Opera Browser. The icons display the menu underneath the main page. Other than that I think this site is great and I look forward to it when it is fully functional.

  350. Ken says:

    I have another question… If unthink is so unthinkable then why do we have to log into facebook or twitter (which is what we are trying to unthink right?) to leave a comment. The whole promotion of other social media on a site that is unthinking other social media does not make sense.

  351. April Cote says:

    There should be a way to see what facebook friends have unthink. I can see who on my e-mail list has it, but let’s face it, I hardly ever email. I use facebook for everything. In order for this to be something that I use more than facebook, I need to know which friends are on here.

  352. Maryanne says:

    After someone comments on a post, it should show up in their stream not just the loop. People are getting discouraged cause their conversations are getting lost.This should be addressed quickly because I already see people exchanging FB links. There are only a couple of people that I met 2 weeks ago still interacting on U. You can have a million people signed up, but what good is it if people don’t come back.

  353. Emilio says:

    Great!!! Love it! We wanna unthink in spanish! From Argentina!

  354. Giannis Ntel says:

    Hi… I am new here! Great work guys! Keep it up!…Question: Is there any option to download the photos of my albums to the computers that I log from …. And maybe a way to add a picture from my albums as my profile picture?

  355. James says:

    Can we link UnThink posts to Twitter? That would be awesome

  356. Jordan says:

    I’m a programmer, so these comments are from a programming perspective.
    * The site is still a bit heavy and that’s what I didn’t like about Facebook. It seems to use a lot of Javascript. I’m not anti-Javascript, but I feel it should be used wisely since it’s client-dependent and not server-dependent. The weight of the site also increases when one uses a proxy.
    * One think I do like about Facebook (gasp, I know) is that it uses an https server, whereas this does not (are there plans?) So far privacy and security is lacking on the site and should be a priority (since Facebook falls into the “lacking” category).
    * There’s also a bug in Opera 11.52 on Ubuntu 11.10 with the “Updates/Actions/Help” sidebars. The other widgets on the page cover the menu, so they’re sort of useless. I’m assuming it’s a problem with zindex in the CSS.
    *Also, why not make it open source like Diaspora! 😀 I’d love to contribute to make it better!

    • Birch Wind says:

      Absolutely! Make it open source! And use a message board type ‘feedback’
      Wordpress has a super easy simple:press forum, add that to your site instead, so we can see what you are actually working on. So far I am absolutely unimpressed and will be sticking with Diaspora.

      • Jordan says:

        I thought Diaspora died due to lack of money. 😦
        (I’m sad because I was really excited for Diaspora).
        Now, I wouldn’t say Unthink sucks, but it’s a little rough around the edges. The site has great passion and a great remedy for peoples’ social networking headaches, but it’s…getting there. 🙂

      • I’m with you on the Diaspora note. This “Unthink” experience has been very disappointing and left me with little or no desire to hang out here on a non-functioning site here just to be ignored. At this point I’m not seeing much of a future for Unthink. Calling it “Beta” is no excuse for this. It’s just piss-poor-programing and a worthless “blog” process for gathering feedback.

  357. Mark says:

    Invites are not working. I assume we are trying to get users to test the site out. If I can’t invite anyone ….. that might be an issue ?

    Help does not work. Maybe not enabled yet ?

  358. Andy Mancha says:

    I couldn’t help but notice: under languages, there is no Spanish.

  359. Birch Wind says:

    LET ME TURN OFF THAT IRRITATING SCROLLING FONT! seriousl! That is almost more annoying than the inaccurate ‘in the loop’ at the side, my missing comments, invisible friend requests, cheesy videos, overly wide layout, multiple status updates and… oh nevermind, the list is too long. Maybe some of these things seemed like a good idea back in 2008 when you started up, but did anyone actually look around at some of the actually ‘innovative’ free, open-source SNP before putting this out into the general public?

  360. Little Wing says:

    Really now, ten days since I joined, and this site doesn’t do much more than it did the first day. Which was, and still is, next to nothing but annoy us with all of the useless junk.
    Beta? More like Alpha, and that’s being generous.
    Out of 20 invitees, I have exactly ONE friend who was able to make his site work. Not that he can do much on it, of course. Others have sat there in my following all this time, unable to activate, and most of the rest could never log in to begin with. So, all I basically have is a useless bookmark. With a tree.
    There is still no HELP, there is still no FAQ, and there are still the same handful of responses from the admins. Couldn’t someone throw us a bone and tell us the hamsters are running in their wheels as fast as they can, and you’re adding more hamsters very soon?

    • swamp thing says:

      I totally agree, throw us dogs a bone once in awhile, maybe once a week tell us something you actually fixed or perhaps use one of the spaces on the site to give site updates instead of a tree or a sunset picture. CONTENT!!!

  361. Gray says:

    Friends who have joined are not showing up on the Friends tab.

  362. swamp thing says:

    Been here weeks and absolutely nothing has changed, no updates, no responses, no progress, nothing. I think unthink has been unthunk and defunked.

    • Little Wing says:

      The perfect name, though, huh? Since there is nothing to do, no can get on, no one to “help”, and nothing ever changes, there is certainly nothing to have to think about.
      Could be that was the point of calling it unthink, and we just weren’t in on the joke. Maybe this is all it’s ever going to be. 😉

    • Graham P Davis says:

      At least one thing has changed. I am now able to upload photos via Firefox. That was impossible a couple of weeks ago.

  363. This process of bug tracking doesn’t seem to work. Nothing is getting fixed, posts do not get replied to. The site, Unthink, doesn’t work.

    Here are a few things, in my eyes, that are wrong with Unthink:

    It’s design is basic to the degree that it seems like it was a high school kids project. Page links don’t work, functions don’t work, User have little or no control over their information or how or where stuff is displayed. Videos look like they are geared for a daycare/pre-school. No “help” function or explanation of how things work. These are just a few of the many many problems with this site.

    It’s looking to me like this site was set up as a front to get all the “required” information we had to enter just to get into Unthink. If we control all our own information, why is so much “required” and why do we have so little control. For all the money that was allededly dumped into this project, and for the level of intelligence of the people working on it, it’s very juvenile and non-functional. I understand “Beta”, but this is far shy of earning the right to be called a beta program. From a site design perspective, Unthink appears to still be stuck in the “rough sketch on a diner napkin” phase.

    Maybe it’s time the designers and programmers of “Unthink” follow my lead and start thinking again and get some of these problems fixed as well as reply to some of the many followers, or just trash the project.

    This Unthinker is done unthinking and going back to thinking. If this project survives the Beta phase, maybe I’ll come back when they think it’s all done and functional. I’ll be hanging out on Diaspora until then where they seem to have done a lot more with a lot less $$.

    • Greg says:

      I fully agree with the comments about the design aspects of this site. I, along with others, posted some thorough comments about it when the site was first launched, no response. Seems like they’re lagging really hard on it, can’t figure out a way to simplify the damn website, or just don’t care. If they don’t do something about this quick, they’re gonna lose so many people, and it’s just gonna be a HUGE waste of their time and money. What a shame… the concept of this website seemed really awesome when it was first announced, and it still has a lot of potential.

  364. Little Wing says:

    My page says, “This Suite is currently under construction, please check back later!”
    I don’t know how long it has been that way, but I noticed it yesterday, and I guess I must have missed the announcement, lol. Is this site-wide?
    Hoping that’s good news, and they are actually doing something. 😉

  365. Greg says:

    This is so frustrating. Ditched the site for a while, hoping that when I were to come back, there would be A LOT of progress, or at least just a little noticeable progress. Came back after a month of not using this site, and nothing. -_-

    • Little Wing says:

      I agree, Greg. Any progress at all would at least give you the hope that this is actually going to grow up to be something, someday.
      When I see people comment about how much they are loving it, I really have to wonder why? It’s still nothing but a bunch of unusable, green clutter. As if someone STARTED to put up a site, then abandoned it.
      Pretty sad when the most interaction you can have on an SNS is on the feedback page.

  366. Richard Johnson says:

    Generally, I am enjoying Unthink. I don’t have any friends or contacts on here, though, from Facebook or email, etc. so it is a little bit of a lonely place.

    I bloody love the option to add a #hashtag to posts. This way of adding comments or statuses (statii?) is much better than both Twitter and Facebook – Twitter limits you with the number of characters you are able to use; and Facebook don’t (yet?) have the hashtag option.

    Not quite understanding the Professional Stream and those connections. Kate Unthink is telling me to do things in my Professional Stream, but it tells me it’s coming soon.

    I’m also a little concerned about posting a status to EVERYONE of my friends. After the whole privacy argument regarding Facebook, they changed it so you could post a status for anyone, no one, just one person or everybody bar one person. There doesn’t seem to be any option to filter your statuses on here…

    For me, I think things will change when two things happen: firstly, I actually get some friends and can interact with people; and, secondly, Unthink release a mobile app cuz most of my interaction with Twitter and Facebook is via my BlackBerry app.

    It’s still very early days, though, and I am hoping Unthink does prove to be the competition for Facebook that it hopes to be…

  367. ThirstyJon says:

    Every time I come to Unthink I feel so overwhelmed by the clutter that I just turn it off again. What in the world are all these “loops” and “streams?” What is with the myriad of confusion under “updates” in each category?

  368. Roger says:

    It really needs a mobile site. And also when you do a mobile app please dont forget about one for nokia.

  369. ThirstyJon says:

    I much prefer my Facebook wall where I can scan down and see EVERYTHING instead of having to go in to an updates tab and check a whole bunch of things. And the comment threads are always collapsed. I don’t really have time to check it all.

  370. ThirstyJon says:

    P.S. Any intent to get a real forum or something? I turned off the function to get follow up comments because I then get huge piles of mail in my inbox.

  371. fabiana says:

    que porqueria que no este en castellano

  372. interacter says:

    I don’t think that UNTHINK is going all that well…

    In fact, I’ve left – here’s why:

    It’s a shame, but there’s too much wrong with this platform at the moment to warrant any more time being spent on it.

  373. gio says:

    Also the location index should be updated, i.e. Ankara is not in the southeastern region of Turkey

  374. ThirstyJon says:

    Wow. Unthink is pretty all around awful. Slow. Ugly. Confusing. Hard to Use. Hard to connect with people. More work than it’s worth. I’m on my way out.

  375. ThirstyJon says:

    Theory: Unthink is now blocking comments, which is why there aren’t any since November 21, 2011.

    • ThirstyJon says:

      Well hey, this comment showed up later after all. I guess it was just “moderated.” Too late though. I ditched Unthink. Best of luck to everyone who is sticking with it.

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